Zendaya Rocked An Edgy Dress This Weekend, And Halle Bailey, Rachel Zegler And Her Man Tom Holland All Shared Thoughts

If there was ever a person in the mainstream media who feels like she was sent to us directly from the gods, it would be Zendaya. The woman can seemingly do no wrong, putting out consistently engaging performances and being a positive force in Hollywood. The cherry on top of the apparently perfect celebrity persona is that she's absolutely gorgeous no matter what look she decides to take on and was agreeably one of the most fashionable celebrities of 2022. Her most recent look for the NAACP Image Awards this weekend has fans in awe, and her beau, Tom Holland -- along with a slew of other celebrities like Halle Bailey and Rachel Zegler -- have shared their own thoughts on her graceful and edgy look.

Even if you’ve never seen one of her performances (and you’re really missing out if that's the case), chances are you have seen photos of her from public events over the years. Zendaya’s style always hits, and her social media posts are evidence alone of how versatile she is. That’s why it’s no real surprise that she owned the red carpet at the NAACP Image Awards this weekend, where in a sharp, strapless dress that looks amazing with her recently bobbed hair.

For everyone who missed the look, don't worry, because Zendaya shared snapshots of it in an Instagram post, which has rung up well over five million likes and over 20,000 comments from both her fans and other well-known celebrities. You can see the popular ensemble in the post below, with Zendaya’s black fingernail polish and natural makeup perfectly complimenting her black and green dress:

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The outfit, which is from Versace, seems like it was made for the A-lister because she is wearing the heck out of it. Her partner and Spider-Man co-star, Tom Holland, obviously thinks so, because he left a number of heart face emojis in the comment section for her. Even though Holland and Zendaya have a low-key relationship, he regularly gasses her up when she posts new looks.

Tom Holland isn’t the only celebrity who is loving the look, as The Little Mermaid’s Halle Bailey, The Last of Us’ Storm Reid, and Shazam! Fury of the Gods’ Rachel Zegler all praised the pair of photos. Most of the responses were one or two-word comments And let's be real, there's not much else to say in the way of compliments, because the look speaks for itself. Here’s what some celebrities are saying:

  • so beautiful!! - Halle Bailey
  • wow - Storm Reid
  • cmonnnnnnnn - Rachel Zegler
  • Ma’am!!!!! 🤯🔥🔥 - Lori Harvey
  • Insaaaanity💚 - Gigi Hadid

It’s really something when one of the world’s most well-known models coins the term “insane” when talking about something that could easily be seen in their own industry. While Zendaya has certainly found success with her talent in the entertainment industries (as she's even the youngest two-time Emmy winner), she certainly could work exclusively as a model.

As entertaining as it is to admire Zendaya’s many fashion choices and the overwhelmingly positive responses they elicit, it's nothing compared to seeing her work her magic as an actor in front of a camera. She has many projects for fans to look forward to, including the highly anticipated 2023 new movie release Dune: Part 2 - in which she is sure to look killer as well. 

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