Blake Lively Throws Back To Ryan Reynolds’ Short-Lived TV Career With Funny Rob McElhenney Post

Ryan Reynolds has become a household name between his beloved Deadpool character, his signature sass, and the companies he has a hand in and advertises for - so much so that a lingerie company tried to compare a bra to him. What a lot of people may not know, though, is that he and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Rob McElhenney own a Welsh football club and starred in a Hulu docuseries about it back in 2022. Blake Lively has gotten in on the fun with the two comedic actors and shared a fun photo from their time together visiting the team, while also throwing back to Reynolds' time on Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.

The women of Wrexham Football Club secured a giant win this past weekend when they won the Genero Adran North title, and both Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney were in attendance along with Reynolds’ partner and wife Blake Lively. The win resulted in a whole lot of smiles and, luckily for us, a pair of photos of the trio that not only act as a dig toward Reynolds, but a lovely display of what kind of relationship the three stars have.

Blacke Lively recently shared a set of photos originally posted by her husband Ryan Reynolds that shows her and Rob McElhenney sharing a lovely moment hugging at the Wrexham game, the smiles on their faces huge. The second photo, though, shows what is going on behind them, which features Reynolds trying desperately to work himself into the picture. You can take a look at the photos below with the throwback caption to Reynolds' sitcom days, from Lively’s Instagram Stories: 

Blake Lively, Rob McElhenney, and Ryan Reynolds goofing around

(Image credit: Blake Lively's Instagram)

Ryan Reynolds may have one of the longest, most well-known Hollywood faux feuds with Hugh Jackman, but the fun trolling and ball-busting that Reynolds has going back and forth with Blake Lively has a good grip on their fans and social media as well. Lively can dish the trolling as well as she takes it, and the goofy, on-brand photos are evidence to how well the couple’s dynamic works with their friends too. Of course, a shout-out to Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place with her "2 Guys A Girl and a Football Place" caption isn't too intense of trolling! 

It’s no secret that Rob McElhenney is well-versed in sarcasm, sass, and some good ribbings, though, so it makes sense why he and the hilarious couple would become good friends. Ryan Reynholds has revealed that McElhenney caught his attention with an episode of Always Sunny, and it has seemingly led to a great friendship with now a successful and winning football club that they co-own.

The trio sure seems to be having fun in the shared photos, and if they bring even a fraction of the joy to Wrexham that they do to the internet and their fans, the town is probably a pretty happy place. Between the 2022 Hulu docuseries (which you can stream now with a Hulu subscription) and their presence at major games, it appears the stars spend a good amount of time in the small city.

When they are not there, though, they certainly have their time filled up with family and Hollywood. All stars have children and busy acting careers. Ryan Reynolds especially has numerous projects in the works, including the highly anticipated upcoming Deadpool 3. With such busy lives they lead, it’s refreshing that they all find time to support one another and the ladies of Wrexham Football Club.

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