Dwayne Johnson Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Sharing Cool Black Adam Set Photos Ahead Of The Trailer

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

At this point I feel like Dwayne Johnson should get a promotion credit on his upcoming DC film Black Adam, because he has been posting updates, sneak peeks, and behind the scenes photos since before filming even started on the project. Now that reshoots have seemingly finished up, Johnson has been sharing some pretty epic behind the scenes photos in anticipation of the release of the Black Adam trailer in just a day’s time. He just can’t stop hyping us up, and I am very okay with it.

Dwayne Johnson has been working pretty hard for a long time, and while he recently took some downtime for himself to do what he enjoys, he is still hard at it promoting his upcoming 2022 new release film Black Adam. We’ve seen a ton of photos from production, but it seems like Johnson just keeps one upping himself.

In a recent Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson shares yet another behind the scenes photo of himself in his Black Adam super suit, and It’s making me so hungry for some real footage of the film. Like he teases in the caption of his post, we actually only have a day to wait until the trailer drops for us all to see. Check out the post for yourself below:

We’ve seen Dwayne Johnson in his Black Adam look before, but I’m honestly still in awe. Johnson is kind of unlike anything we’ve ever seen in an antihero, especially since his super suit doesn’t have padding. Yeah, that’s right - that’s all him you’re seeing in that photo, and he is jacked enough to look like a perfectly padded and powerful hero.

With this teaser post alone at just under a million likes and thousands of comments, I’d say he’s creating quite the hype around his upcoming film, and with good reason. Dwayne Johnson has been attached to the role of Black Adam for an awfully long time, and the role means a lot to him. Having the star be so passionate about the film will probably translate beautifully on screen, and it’s doing wonders with hyping up fans.

Fans are in the comment section of his post thrilled about the impending trailer, and they’re hyping up Dwayne Johnson right back, saying things like “OH LAWD HE COMIN” and that Johnson is about to be the savior of DC movies. The energy in his Black Adam posts, from his photos and captions right down to fans’ comments is just immaculate. 

While it has been delayed a number of times, Black Adam will finally be heading to theaters on October 21st. While the wait is painful, we just have a cool 24 hours until the official trailer is available for our viewing pleasure, and all of Dwayne Johnson’s set photos will come together in something palpable. 

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