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Where Henry Cavill Wants Superman To Go After Justice League

With Justice League finally in theaters, Henry Cavill knows where he wants to take Superman in future films.

Could Sara Ramirez Return To Grey's Anatomy At Some Point?

Grey's fans have been eager to see Callie Torres come back after her weird departure in Season 12, and here's what actress Sara Ramirez thinks about the possibility.

Here’s Jason Momoa’s Blunt Reaction To The Bad Justice League Reactions

Jason Momoa recently responded to Justice League's mixed reception, and he didn't hold back.

She's Gotta Have It Review: Spike Lee's Netflix Series Is A Stunner

Adapted from his breakthrough film of the same name, Spike Lee has brought his cast of colorful characters back with a modern feel, and the result is a sensory and emotional feast.

New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Video Features Way More Finn

New footage of Finn has been released, picking up after he woke up from his injuries from The Force Awakens.

One Walking Dead Alum Won’t Watch The Show Anymore

It seems like just about everyone is watching Rick's current war against The Saviors, but it turns out that one former cast member has dropped off.

The Surprising Roseanne Character That Will Be Back For The Revival

ABC has recently extended the new Roseanne to include one more episode, and now it turns out than another original cast member is returning as well.

Why Grey's Anatomy Fans Didn't Get To Watch Bailey And Ben's Big Fight

Bailey's husband Ben is changing careers again, but why didn't we get to see him break the news to her?

One Star Wars Actor Who’s Definitely Returning For Episode IX
A Transparent Cast Member Has Also Accused Jeffrey Tambor Of Harassment

Jeffrey Tambor has been accused of a second case of sexual misconduct on the set of Transparent, this time by a cast member.

How American Idol’s Judges Will Be Different This Time, According To Luke Bryan And Katy Perry

It seems like the trio of newcomers will be approaching the job different than past judges

How Jerome's Next Arc On Gotham Will Be Different From The Others

Perhaps no Gotham villain is quite a popular as Jerome, and now we know where Jerome is headed during his appearance in Season 4

How Grey's Anatomy Needs To Handle Jo's Big Cliffhanger

Jo's plot came to a terrifying cliffhanger during Grey's Anatomy's midseason finale, but now what?

How Jordan Peele Feels About Get Out Being Classified As A Comedy At The Golden Globes

When the horror film was announced to be considered in the comedy category for this year's Golden Globes, some folks began to scratch their heads. Here's what the director/writer thinks about it.

John Rhys-Davies' Blunt Thoughts On Amazon's Lord Of The Rings TV Show

John Rhys-Davies, who played Gimli in Peter Jacksons' trilogy, has spoken out against Amazon's upcoming show. And he didn't mince words.

Transparent May Continue Without Jeffrey Tambor

Jeffrey Tambor is one of the many powerful Hollywood men accused of sexual misconduct, and now it looks like Transparent may attempt to continue without his character.

Veep Season 6 Production Is On Hold While Julia Louis-Dreyfus Gets Cancer Treatment

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, and is taking the time to focus on her battle and treatment against the disease, rather than Selina Meyers' Presidential campaign.

Check Out Norman Reedus Getting Weirded Out By His Walking Dead Prosthetic Body Double

Norman Reedus recently caught up with a prosthetic version of Daryl Dixon, and it definitely gave him the creeps.

Yes, Sebastian Stan Knows He Looks Like Luke Skywalker, And He'd Love To Join Star Wars

While the two actors are separated by decades of time, it turns out that Sebastian Stan has a facial structure almost identical to Mark Hamill back in his Star Wars hayday.

One Game Of Throne Star Would Love To Return For The Spinoff

While HBO has maintained that the potential new series wouldn't include any of the characters from Game of Thrones, one star is ready to reprise their role.

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