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Smallville's Allison Mack Has Been Arrested In Relation To Sex Cult

Allison Mack's shocking cult rumors have taken a major step forward.

How Grey's Anatomy Is Probably Writing Arizona Off

With news of a returning guest star, Arizona's fate seems much more clear.

The Elevator Scene From Captain America: Winter Soldier Looks Even Cooler In Behind-The-Scenes Footage

It seems that even the cast has been feeling nostalgia, with Chris Evans revealing behind the scenes footage from his time as Captain America.

Taika Waititi’s Hilarious Response To Who Will Die In Avengers: Infinity War

Thor: Ragnarok's director has the perfect response when asked about Marvel deaths.

Shonda Rhimes' Touching Tribute To Grey's Anatomy's Sarah Drew And Jessica Capshaw

Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew are leaving the show, bringing a wrap to the story of both Arizona Robbins and April Kepner.

Watch The MCU Get Explained In 6 Minutes

With 18 movies out so far, everyone was bound to miss at least a few movies.

How Caddyshack Helped End The Bill Murray And Chevy Chase Feud

It took filming the modern classic comedy to bring the two SNL alums together after coming to blows.

How Evan Rachel Wood Feels About Getting Equal Pay On Westworld

Equal pay has been a hot button issue in the business, and Evan Rachel Wood recently got that distinction through Westworld.

First Look At Michael Myers' Mask In The New Halloween Movie

A new sequel is set to arrive this coming holiday, and we've just gotten our first look at Michael Myers' mask.

I Feel Pretty Review

What starts as a silly comedy quickly becomes a joyous and emotional story that reminds us why we fell in love with Amy Schumer in the first place.

How Westworld's Man In Black Is Different In Season 2, According To Ed Harris

With Season 2 just days away, Ed Harris recently spoke to how his character would be different in the show's second season and beyond.

Why Lost Will Always Have Fans Asking For More, According To One Star

Revival talks won't stop, and one Lost star has an idea why.

What Kind Of Deathstroke Movie Joe Manganiello Wants To Make For DC

The True Blood alum knows exactly where he wants to take the villain in his solo movie.

Star Wars Episode IX Has Hired A Female Director

There has been a call for more diversity both behind and in front of the camera, and now the franchise is doing just that.

Stranger Things Season 3 Just Added Princess Bride's Cary Elwes And One More

Stranger Things 2 introduced a handful of new characters into the world of Hawkins, Indiana, and now it looks like the third installment will be no exception.

The New Solo Footage Has Donald Glover Pronouncing Han The Same Way Billy Dee Williams Did

A new trailer shows the Atlanta actor using an iconic aspect of Billy Dee Williams' original character.

Amy Schumer's I Feel Pretty Will Probably Make Less At The Box Office Than Trainwreck Or Snatched

Amy Schumer's next silver screen appearance is I Feel Pretty, although it now looks like it won't make nearly as much money at her most recent projects.

Is The Walking Dead's Dwight Gone For Good? Here's What Scott Gimple Says

Dwight's fate was left up in the air, so could he return to The Walking Dead?

Lost In Space Season 2? Here's What The Showrunners Say

Lost in Space just debuted on Netflix, but could there be another season coming?

Watch Spider-Man Kick Thanos In The Face In New Avengers: Infinity War Footage

Spider-Man is going toe to toe with the big purple guy.

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