TV Recap: New Amsterdam – Keep the Change

A homeless guy, a Google search, and a vintage Gibson guitar all play into John’s weird, wild world tonight. We learn a few more things about his past, too. Like the fact that he and his old-jazz-guy-son Omar didn’t always have such a chummy relationship.

TV Recap: Lipstick Jungle – Chapter Seven: Carpe Threesome

It’s the beginning of the end when Nico gets a phone call while in bed with Kirby. It’s the hospital, calling to say her husband, Charles, has suffered a heart attack. She races to the hospital and thank goodness Wendy and Victory come to her emotional rescue. Such is life in the lipstick jungle.

TV Recap: New Amsterdam – Honor

I’m a little confused about tonight’s episode (I know – shocking, isn’t it?), so you’ll have to help me out here. It revolves around a series of sexual assaults that John and Eva are investigating. First a nun is raped at knife-point and dies in the E.R. Then a photographer’s assistant of Middle Eastern descent is raped, but she survives.

TV Recap: Canterbury’s Law – Baggage

Tonight’s episode crosses into Ghost Whisperer and Medium territory when Elizabeth takes a case involving a guy named Lewis claiming to be a psychic sleuth. When he’s hauled in by the cops for digging up a body, Lewis says the dead guy came to him and told him where to dig.

TV Recap: Lipstick Jungle – Chapter Six: Take The High Road

Wendy spills the beans that J.K. Rowling might have written a prequel to the Harry Potter series. She tells the girls in confidence, but of course, Nico immediately takes the tip to her editorial meeting. Needless to say, Wendy is pissed. But the two end up flying to Scotland to visit Rowling and make the pitch. Unfortunately, Wendy doesn’t realize that Nico was planning on spending time with Kirby, who’s traveling there separately.

90210 Spinoff In The Works

Say the numbers “90210” and you immediately think of Aaron Spelling’s popular 1990s teen soap, Beverly Hills, 90210, which aired on Fox from 1990-2000. Now the CW and CBS Paramount Network TV are developing a fast-track spinoff of the show, with Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas in talks to write the project. How cool is that?! I love Veronica Mars, and hope this show has the same edgy feel. I might actually watch it.

TV Review: Canterbury's Law

I’m already bored with this show. Don’t we have enough hard-edged people with issues on TV? Don’t Denis Leary, Hugh Laurie, Holly Hunter, Keifer Sutherland and Angie Harmon pretty much have that covered? Apparently, Fox doesn’t think so, because they just added another mad-at-the-world character to their lineup in the form of Elizabeth Canterbury.

TV Recap: New Amsterdam – Soldier’s Heart

For me, the draw of this show is John’s character, and the fact that he’s ticked about being alive for 300 years. Maybe it’s just me, but tonight it seems like he lost a little of the edginess he had in the first two episodes. I dunno, maybe he’s happy to at least have some chance at mortality. But you’d think he’d have found at least ONE true love over the past 300 years. What does that say for the rest of us mere mortals with only 80 or 90 years to get it right?

TV Recap: Lipstick Jungle – Dressed to Kill

What I’d like to know is how these women find time to have affairs, go to clubs, and attend posh parties. Aren’t they supposed to be type-A over-achievers? Because if that’s what it takes to make tons of money and be at the top of your game, where do I sign up?

TV Recap: New Amsterdam – Golden Boy

John continues to search for the “one true love” that will set him free from his wretched immortality. He flashes back to 1941, when he had an affair with a black woman named Lily. John, a lawyer at the time, was representing Lily’s father, who was totally against the pairing. John and Lily go on to have a son together, whom they name…Omar!

TV Review: New Amsterdam

With new programming at an all-time low, New Amsterdam could be a show that goes the distance. Like other Fox shows 24 and >i>Prison Break, it’s gritty and edgy, with a groovy emo soundtrack and a main character who’s lonely and burned out on connecting with other people.

2008 Winter TV Preview: New Amsterdam

Life, death, true love…New Amsterdam sounds like my kinda show. Ok, so it’s yet another show about a NYC homicide detective (we really needed another one!), but I’m hoping the immortality twist will be enough to make it different and interesting. I also love that I know virtually nothing about anyone in this cast.

TV Recap: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Vick’s Chip: What He Beheld

Tonight’s two-hour finale wrapped up a few loose ends, but posed more questions than it answered. The preview promised an explosive episode, and while I wouldn’t call it that, it left me wanting to know what happens next.

Nick at Nite Picks up Reruns of Everybody Hates Chris

Everybody Hates Chris has slowly gained steam since it premiered in 2005, and reruns of the comedy series have been picked up by Nick at Nite as part of a four-year deal beginning in 2009. Motivated by comedian Chris Rock's childhood, the comedy stars Tyler James Williams as the scrappy oldest of three kids in Brooklyn, NY, in the 1980s. The beauty of the show is that it appeals to everyone in one way or another.

Andre Benjamin To Return To The Shield

Andre Benjamin is one of those multi-talented entertainers who sort of sneaks up on you over time. The Outkast band member got his start in the movie business via soundtracks, penning tunes for such diverse films as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, 8 Mile, and After the Sunset. Now he's returning to a role he originated in The Shield.

Emeril Goes Green

Emeril Lagasse is going green – and I don’t mean in a spinach and broccoli sort of way, although I’m sure he’ll work those into the mix somewhere. The fan fave of Food Network’s Emeril Live has been tapped to host his own series on Planet Green, Discovery’s new eco-lifestyle network, launching in June.

Gary Cole Gets Desperate is reporting that Gary Cole will take up residence in Wisteria Lane, playing Katherine Mayfair’s mysterious ex. Will he be as creepy as she’s made him out to be? Could be, if he’s anything like his Mr. Lumbergh character on Office Space. (“Yeah, I’m gonna have to ask you to move your desk downstairs into the storage room…”).

TV Recap: Lipstick Jungle – Chapter Four: Bombay Highway

Although I care more about these women than I do the Cashmere Mafia caricatures, I need more. Much more. In short, the monkeys scurrying behind the scenes of Lipstick Jungle need to start thinking like it’s an HBO or Showtime series, only without the nasty language and gratuitous sex not allowed on network TV. Think outside the box, people. It’s not that difficult.

CBS Scoops Up Three Drama Pilots

CBS has picked up three drama pilots: Mythological X, about a woman who learns from a psychic that she's already dated the man she'll one day marry; NY-LON, about a long-distance relationship; and Can Openers, about a 20-something woman entering a 7-year neurosurgical residency.

TV Recap: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Demon Hand

Remember the terminator hand and chip from the second Terminator movie? As I recall, those were recovered from first Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) after he was crushed in the stamping machine. He was trying to reach through the safety gate to get to Sarah, but she hit the switch and he got crushed. But the hand and damaged chip were recovered by the FBI.

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