Peacock Premium Is Now $29.99 For A Full Year, But Time Is Running Out

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Though it's a well-known concept that New Year's resolutions don't tend to stick for very long, it usually involves more drastic pledges that are difficult to maintain. But for those who opted for more reasonable goals, such as "take advantage of the best streaming service discounts,” there’s rarely any desire to give up, since saving money is always welcome no matter what time of year it is. Peacock is behind one of the first major streaming deals of 2023, but it won’t last for that much longer, so opting in ASAP is key!

The NBCUniversal streaming platform is offering up Premium Annual subscriptions for the one-time flat payment of $29.99, and you can sign up right now right here with the promo code “NEWYEAR23.” The markdown is 40% lower than the regular $49.99/year rate, and it’s hard to think of an easier way to save 20 bucks and still be entertained by thousands of hours of movies, TV shows, documentaries, sporting events and more. A Peacock subscription doesn’t take long to pay for itself, even at full price.

The Peacock Premium Deal Details 

As stated above, Peacock’s $29.99 deal is for its ad-supported Premium plan only, without a similar discount available for the ad-free Premium Plus tier. And it’s only available to take part in until Tuesday, February 7, so acting fast is key. 

Peacock Monthly Rates

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Premium: $4.99/month for 80,000 hours of content, live sports and events, currently airing NBC and Bravo series, and more
Premium Plus: $9.99/month for everything in Premium tier + no ads (minus limited exceptions), downloadable titles to watch offline, local NBC station and more

Worth noting is the fact that the streaming platform eliminated its free tier in the days after this new promotion began, and doesn’t seem to be keen on reinstating it anytime soon. So anyone hoping for a trial period to test things is now out of luck, though paying under $30 for a year of quality content is still pretty lucky.

The deal is only for new customers and past customers, and isn’t meant to be taken advantage of by those who are already signed up Peacock’s Premium or Premium Plus plans. As well, the offer is only available for U.S. citizens, and can’t be combined with any other offers. 

As it usually goes with plans like this, customers will need to remember to opt out of the deal after a year has passed, or else the subscription will be automatically renewed at the full $49.99/month rate. Just don't cancel too early, or it'll make the whole discount moot. 

Why Peacock Is Worth Subscribing To

First and foremost, the best thing happening on Peacock right now is the critically lauded comedic mystery thriller Poker Face, the first TV venture from Knives Out franchise director Rian Johnson, with Russian Doll's Natasha Lyonne as a down-on-her-luck woman with a knack for telling when people are lying. The first four episodes are currently available to stream, with a new cast of guest stars filling out each, and the rest of the season will be unveiled weekly. Some may not believe Poker Face is worth the price of admission alone, but a Blu-ray set would probably cost around $29.99 anyway. Check out the trailer for it below.

Of course, there's more than just a single show up for obsessing over when it comes to Peacock, as evidenced below, from the on-the-horizon return of Bel-Air Season 2 to the upcoming Friday the 13th prequel Crystal Lake to all the upcoming WWE events.

  • Exclusive Hit TV shows: Bel-Air (Season 2 starts Feb. 23), The Real Housewives of Miami, The Traitors, Below Deck Down Under, Paul T. Goldman, Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin, Dr. Death, Saved by the Bell, The Best Man: The Final Chapters
  • Current and Upcoming Exclusive Movies: Meet Cute, Sick, Sam & Kate, Spoiler Alert, The Killer, Community: The Movie
  • Upcoming High-Profile TV Projects: The Continental (John Wick spinoff), Ted, Twisted Metal, Battlestar Galactica, Crystal Lake, Bupkis, Fear, Red Queen
  • Everything Else: WWE Pay-Per-Views and hundreds of hours of other content, Olympics Coverage and other exclusive NBC Sports fare, Telemundo's TPlus productions, Documentaries and Docuseries, Stand-Up and Concert Specials
Peacock: Get one year for just $29.99

Peacock: Get one year for just $29.99
Tune into the latest hits from NBC and Bravo by subscribing to Peacock TV. Costing as little as $4.99 a month, you can also pay $29.99 for Peacock Premium and enjoy ad-free streams and the option to download titles to watch offline later.

There's a lot more on the way than we'd have room to talk about here, so the future is looking brighter than ever for Peacock and its subscriber base, which was recently revealed to have surpassed 20 million customers. So join the party with the discount above.

For those who want to see everything hitting the small screen even beyond what Peacock has to offer, head to our 2023 TV premiere schedule, while our upcoming movie release schedule has everything on tap for the big screen. 

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