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The Best Streaming And Movie Deals For Amazon Prime Day 2022

Zendaya and Tom Holland as Spider-Man in No Way Home
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Amazon Prime Day is here is upon us once again, and as usual, the shipping and streaming giant has a plethora of massive deals for its subscribers. This includes some incredible deals for add-ons for Prime Video, where users can add a ton of services to their Amazon Prime subscriptions for a very low price. 

Anyone in the market looking to get a lot of access to some of the best shows and movies out there needs to check out Amazon’s landing page (opens in new tab) for these sweet deals. Below, we broke down some of the best services available, all of which can be picked up for ninety-nine cents a month for up to two months. 


While a lot of people talk about other streamers' offerings, it’s worth noting Starz is no slouch when it comes to original content. The service is home to Outlander and many other acclaimed shows, as well as a healthy library of movies both new and old. Those that sign up now will be able to stream newer movies like Spider-Man: No Way Home as well as Ghostbusters: Afterlife so if you’re interested in that, sign up and get started (opens in new tab)

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Subscribe To Starz For 99 Cents A Month For The First Two Months


Perhaps you heard about Dexter’s epic return to television doing big numbers for Showtime but haven’t had a chance to watch it yet. That series, as well as many other quality Showtime shows like Yellowjackets and Billions, are available to stream to anyone with a subscription. Ninety-nine cents a month is certainly worth any of those shows, and again, the movie selection is top-notch, with even great throwback movies like Misery to enjoy. Sign up now (opens in new tab), and get in on that streaming spree. 

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Subscribe To Showtime For 99 Cents A Month For The First Two Months


AMC+ doesn’t get as much buzz as other streaming services out there, but it’s certainly one that anyone should give a spin. This is especially true if you’re someone who likes variety, as it has a healthy mix of movies, great original shows, and even something for true-crime fans. Oh yeah, and if you’re a fan of The Walking Dead, this one is a must-have. Sign up now (opens in new tab) for only ninety-nine cents and be amazed by this impressive library. 

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Subscribe To AMC+ For 99 Cents A Month For The First Two Months


If you’re looking for some of the best movies available on any streaming service, Epix is a strong contender. It’s currently housing both Sonic The Hedgehog movies, Candyman, and A Quiet Place Part II just to name a few, and there’s plenty more where that came from. There’s also a healthy lineup of originals like that new Billy The Kid series. Sign up now (opens in new tab), and see what it’s all about. 

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Subscribe To Epix For 99 Cents A Month For The First Two Months


I cannot stress enough what a bargain Noggin is if you’re a parent, grandparent, or relative who has kids in your house often. A subscription to Noggin means access to all of the greatest kids' shows like Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, and many more. In addition to that, subscribers also get access to ebooks, as well as games to play. It’s the definitive streaming service for children and certainly worth a sign-up price (opens in new tab) of ninety-nine cents, so act now. 

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Subscribe To Noggin For 99 Cents A Month For The First Two Months

Prime Day is underway, and there are plenty of good deals to be on the lookout for. Be sure to check out CinemaBlend’s deals tab for the biggest offerings related to entertainment, and take advantage of all the savings.

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