Carrot Top Stars In American Pie 7 With Sherman Hemsley

Casting is underway on the next direct-to-DVD American Pie movie, American Pie: Book of Love. This one is more significant than some of the others, if only because it marks the return of Tara Reid to the franchise. But they haven’t stopped there. They’re stacking the cast with celebrity cameos, most of whom have absolutely nothing to do with the American Pie series.

The film was originally written with two cameos, for Tara Reid and Thomas Ian Nichols. Unfortunately Nichols turned them down and so they’ve decided to rewrite the movie and spend his cash on host of D-list celebrities. Most recently, we’ve learned that Carrot Top, yes Carrot Top, is in talks to join the cast of the film.

If he signs, he’ll join a cast comprised of Gary Coleman, Wayne Newton, and Sherman Hemsley. That’s right, George Jefferson is doing an American Pie movie with Carrot Top. It’s an idea so horrible, I absolutely must see it. Will Wayne Newton stick his cock in a pastry? Will Gary Coleman’s premature ejaculation be caught on camera and shared with the entire student body? Stay tuned for American Pie: Book of Love.

Josh Tyler