With Mortal Kombat X right around the corner a lot of gamers are debating about the final roster. Who makes the cut, who doesn't and why. Well, there are obviously some pugilists that didn't make the cut and gamers should be thankful that they're not in the game.

Mortal Kombat has a long and storied history of gathering a lot of diverse and unique characters from across a wide spectrum of preferences. However, not every character is worth the time of day and there are some characters that you should never, ever play as. Hence, here's a list of the characters you should be thankful aren't making it into Mortal Kombat X and even if you decide to go back and play some of these older titles, be sure to skip right over them in the character selection screen.

If Dracula had a son he never wanted you to know about, Mavado would be that son. This guy is terribly lame and seems to have been painted over with an emo brush and given left over superpowers that no other character wanted. His black clothes, trench coat and dark demeanor gives the impression of a really tough hard case, but Mavado is quite the opposite once he gets into the arena. Mavado has no real superpowers, just some special grappling hooks he can use to get around the stage or attack his opponents with. As an AI opponent he's not very challenging since almost all of his hard-hitting moves are telegraphed from a mile away, and when other players man him there's little to fear given that few of his moves link up enough to make him a devastating foe in the close, mid or long range combo game.

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