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Red 5 Studios released a new trailer for their free-to-play MMO, Firefall. The new trailer is called the Chosen War and focuses on the fight between humans and a species fighting for planetary control. There are vehicles, jetpacks and plenty of headshots to go around.

Firefall is an exotic looking game that lets players customize their gameplay experience the way they want. It's possible to level up and advance various classes on a single character and the “grind” is setup quite differently, with players having to farm resources and items in order to advance the story quests and their character.

Unlike other standard MMOs out there, Firefall is a non-targeting game and this means that you don't have to select a character and spam the 1 through 9 keys to execute your strongest kills in order to kill an opponent. Instead, you simply aim the reticule with your mouse and you fire with the left or right mouse button, just like in a standard first or third person shooter.

Firefall has been in beta for quite some time and you can join in on the action if you want by paying a visit to the game's Official Website. If you want, you can even stream your experience thanks to support built into the game.

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