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Starting February 11, EA and BioWare will release Star Wars: The Old Republic's next chapter in the ongoing Knights of the Fallen Empire saga. The newest chapter features a brand new companion along with some bonus rewards for subscribers.

Gamespot did a brief rundown of the upcoming chapter, detailing how players will be able to have the mercenary Firebrand join the team as she attempts to bring down the Eternal Emperor who leads the Fallen Empire. You can get a glimpse of her and some of the other missions in action with the teaser trailer below.

The trailer reveals a couple of missions that players will attempt to go on as well as their aim to further deal with the outer-realm knights.

This latest addition to the ongoing saga is called “Anarchy in Paradise”, and it will be followed by Chapter 11: Disavowed. There's no release date on Chapter 11, yet. But that's to be expected given that the latest chapter hasn't been released.

The Knights of the Fallen Empire saga is expected to run for another five chapters following Chapter 11. Things will wrap up with Chapter 16, presumably sometime at the end of this year.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is currently free-to-play but there's still an option to subscribe. They also included more rewards for those who do choose to subscribe, including getting a permanent HK-55 companion if you subscribe before January 11, and those who subscribe before February 1 will be able to receive an HK-55 jetpack mount. There's also an additional bonus for anyone who stays subscribed between January 11 and August 1, where they will be able to play as HK-55 in a bonus mission that's part of the Knights of the Fallen Empire saga.

The HK-55 companion will be available for those who complete chapters 1 through 9 and if they are above level 60. The Knights of the Fallen Empire is designed for higher-level players looking to expand their abilities and their play-time in The Old Republic.

It still amazes me that there are fans truly dedicated to the MMO as if it were a single-player game. In fact, it seems as if the game receives more praise for its storytelling than its social and multiplayer functionality. That's not a bad thing to have on the review cards.

Star Wars: The Old Republic's previous chapters within the Knights of the Fallen Empire story branch are currently available. You can look to get your hands on the “Anarchy in Paradise” starting February 11 next month. At least there won't be much of a wait time for the next installment to go live. The only drawback that some gamers had was that BioWare revealed who the companion was for this next chapter instead of leaving it a secret, otherwise they seem to be genuinely excited to see what happens next.

For more information on the subscriber bonuses and on the ongoing tale of the Knights of the Fallen Empire, be sure to visit the official website.