What The New DOOM Update Will Include

DOOM 2016
(Image credit: id Software)

Bethesda and id Software are continuing to support the 2016 rendition of DOOM. The new game's latest update will drop on June 30th and will include some really cool features, including the new Photo Mode, which will allow players to take snapshots during the campaign mode.

Gamespot detailed what would be included in the new update via the changelog, which covers things like the new Photo Mode. A lot of fans are excited to make use of the mode and snap some shots in DOOM and share it with friends, or maybe even make a custom background out of it.

The update will automatically apply for PC and Xbox One owners (assuming you have auto updates turned on for your Steam copy of DOOM). PS4 owners will also be able to automatically get the update if they have the updates set to automatic. Otherwise they'll need to make the change in the settings or manually download the update.

So in addition to the Photo Mode what else will the DOOM update include? Weapon balances for multiplayer, as well as a number of fixes for both the single and multiplayer modes. The IDKFA achievement will be fixed on all versions of the game, along with a fix for the PS4 crashing during reloading the checkpoint in the Foundry. They also fixed a Trophy not unlocking for the PS4.

One of the more important fixes, however, is one that prevented DOOM from launching on the Xbox One if it wasn't connected to the internet. That kind of always-on atmosphere would surely be a peeve for a lot of people with spotty internet services.

They also fixed a number of issues in the multiplayer, including matchmaking improvements, weapon balances and cosmetic updates.

The most exciting part of the update in my opinion is the one for the DOOM SnapMap. The map creation utility has undergone some much-needed upgrades, including the ability to enable or disable shootable switches. This is really cool because now it means you can create some rather complex map puzzles using SnapMap.

They've added sky and window props for map creators to utilize, which should mean being able to create some rather interesting lab scenarios or containment rooms with windows. That's going to be interesting to see in action.

A new auto-rollback feature has also been added for maps, enabling map creators to rollback to previous creations if the map they're working on becomes corrupted. There's also a new property feature to allow SnapMap to auto-manage hand-placed AI, and there's a new algorithm to help players search through user-created maps.

Oh yeah, and they added a feature where you can choose to use the old-school viewmodel of the weapons just like in DOOM 1 and DOOM 2. The weapons will be centered in your screen as if you were playing an FPS from 1993.

Some gamers are hoping that id Software will also add the old-school weapons as well in a future update. It would be pretty cool if they did add those old classics in there. They have the super-shotgun but it would also be cool if the original shotgun design and the BFG 9000 also made the cut.

You can look for the update to go live starting June 30 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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