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One of Star Wars' most iconic characters is finally making their way into the popular third-person shooter, Battlefront, and he's bringing his iconic bowcaster along for the ride.

That's right, folks, the legendary Chewbacca is finally getting his time to shine in Star Wars Battlefront, EA's competitive multiplayer game that lets players duke it out across some of the series' most memorable locations. Along with creating your own grunt soldier, equipping them with familiar gear and even piloting some trademark vehicles, players also have the ability to become series heroes and villains, storming onto the battlefield as beefed up super soldiers such as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

Launching last fall, Star Wars Battlefront has had two major expansions so far, including the Outer Rim content and Bespin. Those batches of DLC added their own new heroes to the game, including Nien Nunb, Dengar, Greedo and Lando Calrissian.

This third expansion to Battlefront is called, quite simply, Death Star, and it'll be introducing Chewbacca and Bossk to the mix. Sorry to all of you Bossk fans out there, but Chewbacca gets top billing. I mean, who doesn't love Chewie?

The announcement was made official this weekend during a special panel that was part of the Star Wars Celebration 2016 event. The panel was called "The Minds Behind EA's Star Wars Games," and it was hosted by Electronic Arts. Along with those two new playable characters, folks can expect some new gear to equip their toons with and, of course, the Death Star as a new Battlefront playground.

Death Star will launch for Battlefront this September, making it the third out of a promised four major pieces of DLC for the game's season pass. We imagine the final piece of the Battlefront puzzle will arrive this winter, possibly right around the one year anniversary for the game. We're still unsure what or who will be a part of that next update though, at this point, we wouldn't be surprised to see Chewbacca Mom make the cut.

Of course, if we only talked about the new characters coming in the Death Star DLC, we'd only be painting half of the picture. As the teaser trailer makes pretty clear, space battles will finally become a part of the mix, giving players the chance to fight for the Rebels or the Alliance in a fast-paced shootout among the stars.

But now that it seems like EA and Dice have added all of the heavy hitters and most-requested locations, that's got us wondering what the fourth DLC expansion might hold. Who would you like to see introduced to the Battlefront roster? Where would you like to wage war? Now that space fights are coming, are there any other major modes you'd like to dive into? Let us know in the comments below.

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