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A 37-year-old man in Florida saw teens in a car outside of his home at 1:30am and decided to go out and investigate. The man thought the kids were up to no good and whipped out his gun, only the kids were out collecting Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Game Informer is reporting that the man from Flagler county, Florida, says he came outside and saw the two teens in a white car. He stepped in front of the car after he heard them saying "did you get anything?" and pointed his gun at them... telling them not to move. The boys, 19 and 16 years of age, slammed on the gas and sped past the man, to which he responded by dodging out of the way and opening fire on the car, pouring multiple shots into the vehicle.

The boys managed to get home safely but upon further examination noticed that the car had a flat tire and several bullet holes riddled throughout it. Their mother decided to file a police report, in which they informed the police that they were out attempting to catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go -- specifically a Marowak and a Tauros.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the teens told police that they were sitting in the car, asking one another "Did you catch him" while the other responded "Yeah, did you?" when they claim they heard gunfire and sped off to avoid getting shot.

Both stories don't necessarily match up, with the man claiming that the teens seemed to be up to no good where-as the teens are claiming that the man was just gun crazy.

Usually with stories like this the truth is somewhere in between. Police are still investigating the situation.

Many commenters across websites are divided about the topic, many claim that teenagers should not be out at 1:30am playing Pokemon Go. Others claimed that the 19-year-old is above 18 and could be out as late as he wanted. Some retorted that the parents should have had a curfew for both teens, regardless of their age.

A few people felt as if the man should not have drawn his gun against the teens. Some countered that the teens shouldn't have sped off and they should have done whatever the man ordered them to do, since he had a gun.

There are some individuals who feel as if Pokemon Go is leading young people into dangerous situations like this, as people should not be hunting for Pokemon past midnight.

In South Korea they have laws in place to ensure that kids must be in the house under a certain curfew and that they can't play online past a certain time. It's the opposite of how it is in America, but if incidents like this keep popping up with Pokemon Go, it wouldn't be surprising if things began changing around to keep kids out of trouble.

Previously a teenager found a dead body while playing Pokemon Go, and another man ended up in a fatal crash while playing the game.

Some situations have managed to avoid any kind of massive controversy, such as a flood of people rushing into Central Park in New York to catch a Vaporeon.

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