Leaked Pokemon Go Footage Shows Off Evolution Mechanics

It looks like we’re getting closer and closer to seeing Pokemon Go finally arrive on mobile devices, as more and more early gameplay footage keeps making its way online. In this latest offering, we get a sneak peek at how evolutions will work.

The above video games from Youtube user Lorenz Villahermosa, who decided to give the world a look at Pokemon evolution a look in the upcoming mobile game. Lorenzo’s video is pretty short and sweet, as his straightforward description notes that he is evolving his Abra to a Kadabra. I realize that, if you aren’t familiar with Pokemon, it probably sounds like I just gave some sort of subliminal kill order through text. It just means that he made one of his pocket-sized critters into a more bamftastic version of its former self.

Not a lot about Pokemon Go can be gleaned from this short clip other than the fact that the game looks nice and seems to move at a smooth clip. There’s also a brief look at some other Pokemon in Lorenz’s collection, including a Ninetales, Ponyta and…um…Krabby. That’s a popular one, right?

When Abra starts to evolve, we get a glimpse at its profile, showing off its type, size, weight and HP. The evolution also costs Evolution Shards which, if memory serves, can either be gained simply by playing the game or purchased with real-world cash.

The evolution scene is actually pretty nice, too. Instead of just flashing a light and having Abra turn into Kadabra, there’s a whole bit where the Pokemon is enveloped in swirling light, starts to levitate and then becomes Kadabra. Again, it’s nice to see these production values going into a mobile game.

The whole thing ends with the evolution adding some experience to Lorenz’s account, followed by a stats page for his newest virtual friend. He then scrolls down to show that the stats page also lists the Pokemon’s abilities, as well as an option to release it into the wild. Here’s hoping there’s an ability to lock it into your collection, too, lest accidental button presses result in liberations full of remorse.

All in all, we’d say that Pokemon Go seems to be shaping up nicely. It won’t be as fully featured as a standard game in the series, obviously, but early looks make it appear as though plenty of little features are being baked in to give players plenty of reasons to fire up the app a few times a day. Nintendo isn’t known for cashing in on a series, and we’re happy to see that that appears to be the case with one of its first mobile games, Pokemon Go.

Now, how about that final release date, Nintendo? When can fans expect to dive in?

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.