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Niantic Labs will be working hard on expanding the Pokemon database in Pokemon Go by adding a lot more of the pocket monsters over time. This will include the newer generations of Pokemon introduced on Nintendo's handhelds.

GameRant is reporting that Niantic Labs CEO, John Hanke, revealed during a panel discussion at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the team already has plans on bringing in brand new Pokemon to Pokemon Go...

Beyond first generation, there are some others that may make their way into our universe. We're looking forward to finding interesting ways to make that happen in the coming months and years.

At the moment there are 151 Pokemon that can be captured in Pokemon Go. Some of them are region locked but all of them can be had through hatching eggs. Some people have already reported that they have managed to capture all of the Pokemon available in the game and are putting it aside to get back to real life.

It won't be long before other die-hard fans also do the same, and once everyone has captured all of the Pokemon, the thrill of playing and walking and exploring will be gone. Hanke understands the need to keep the game fresh and exciting and that's why Niantic Labs is already working on bringing in additional generations of Pokemon to Pokemon Go to keep the replay values alive and the general interest intact.

Gamerant is reporting that there are over 700 Pokemon out there right now across the various Nintendo handhelds and home console systems, and that gives Hanke and crew at Niantic Labs a lot of leeway and room in which to expand and grow the Pokemon Go library of collectible creatures.

Hanke did not reveal a time frame on when these new generations of Pokemon would be made available in the game but I would imagine they would want to get as many as possible up and out as soon as possible. Then again, Niantic Labs have been having difficulty with Pokemon Go's servers. The game has been running into serious server issues and a lot of people have been consistently complaining about not being able to log into the game or connect to the main server.

Usually the server issues persist for a short while after they launch _Pokemon Go _in a new region, and then things finally peter out and users end up with a somewhat enjoyable experience.

If I had to hazard a guess, a new generation of Pokemon probably wouldn't arrive in Pokemon Go until they at least added in things like Pokemon training, PokeCenters and launched the game in additional regions.

The one region most people are concerned and curious about is China, because that's where they're likely going to make a lot of money and get a lot of traffic. The biggest hold-up with China is the fact that they have their 10 rules of censorship and they have limitations on how Google Maps can be used in the region. I'm pretty sure Niantic Labs would probably want to iron out the regional releases before focusing on adding in new content, this way they can get the whole server stability thing under control before expanding the strain on the servers with brand new Pokemon, PokeCenters and other content updates.

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