There's A New App For Helping You Get Better At Pokemon Go And It's Terrifying

Pokemon Go Trainer

If you've been having trouble catching pocket monsters in Pokemon Go, there's a new app that's specifically designed to hone your Pokeball throwing skills. Be warned, though: Once you see this monstrosity, it cannot be unseen.

The folks over at The Next Web stumbled upon a new app from the fine folks at Chinese developer Rejected Games: FPS Adventures & Sport Simulation Adventure. No, I did not make that up. That's their real name. And honestly, given their latest creation, it's a perfect name for whoever thought this up.

A couple of weeks back, the team released their Pokemon Go training app known as Pokeball Coach for Pokemon Go. The game claims that it uses physics perfectly matched from the real Pokemon Go with the intention of giving you the opportunity to practice your throws over and over again without spending a dime. It's actually a good idea in theory but, in practice, maybe not so much.

Not only do the not-Pokemon look like nightmare versions of beloved creatures like Pikachu and Meowth, but apparently the physics are anything but spot-on. I mean, seriously, these Pokemon look like they were dropped in the same vat as the Joker and came out as twisted, horribly wrong versions of their former selves.

Anyway, we're guessing that copyright issues got in the way, because the version of the game that is so clearly a knockoff of Pokemon Go is no longer available on official storefronts. You can, however, still grab that terrifying version by heading over to APK.

For a more official app, you'll need to download Ball Practice for Pokemon Go. That version is available on the Play Store and replaces the Pokemon with completely different creatures and the Pokeballs no longer bear the trademark red and white design. Along with learning the physics of Pokemon Go, the developers claim the game will let you practice mastering the curveball throw, as well as how to land Excellent throws. Based on the trailer, well, we're still pretty sure you'd be better off just hitting up those Pokestops in the real game and stocking up on Pokeballs.

In truth, practicing for Pokemon Go with this new app looks akin to someone handing you a tennis racquet and throwing you in a pool before beginning "batting practice for baseball."

But let's not forget the importance of a good joke, folks. I'm genuinely tempted to download the version that looks more like Pokemon Go and keeping it on my phone, just in case. I can only imagine the confusion I could cause playing that game in a group of Pokemon Go players and, when they look over my shoulder to see what I'm catching, they recoil in terror. I could then double down on the hilarity of the situation by acting like I don't understand that what I'm playing is not, in fact, the real Pokemon Go.

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