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New York Giants Wide Receiver Wore Kirby Cleats On Game Day

Some gamers take their love of the hobby outside of the living room or den and into their professional life... even if that means playing games for a living. New York Giants wide receiver, Odell Beckham Jr., was seen wearing Kirby cleats on game day.

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As evident in the Sports Center tweet, Beckham Jr., had on Nike cleats with a colorful and vibrant Kirby motif. The Nike words were sprawled across the rear of the shoe, angled down the arch of the heel toward the sole. The Nike logo was highlighted with a yellow outline around a black font.

The cleats stood out due to having Kirby's trademark pink color scheme under the Nike logo, with the bottom of the cleats doused in all pink as well. The Nike trademark logo appears in reverse color scheme of the font, being yellow with a black outline. The logo appears down the tip of the shoe pointing toward the toe on the outside of the cleat, while on the inside of the arch another Nike logo points up toward the ankle at the cusp of the shoe's end.

Squiggly blue lines are scribbled throughout the inside of the shoe and also carry over to the top of the shoe where the laces tie up. There are Kirby stars spotted throughout the inside where the squiggly lines are along with an image of the pink cream puff on the inside of the shoe near the toe, where Kirby appears to be raising his hands.

One of the standout elements of the asymmetrically designed shoe is that on the outside of the cleat there's a row of Kirby's famous trees lined up with their branches pointing upward as if they're an audience member in the crowd prepped to cheer. The trees are easily recognizable from Kirby's games, as well as appearing in the Super Smash Bros., series.

Beckham had matching white socks with pink trims on to help compliment the color scheme of the distractingly bright shoe.

A lot of people commented about the shoe on the Sports Center tweet, noting that they hoped that Beckham's skills on the field were as energized and magical as his cleats.

Some of the fans noted that Beckham might find himself getting fined for wearing the cleats, which happened recently when the NFL threatened to fine players for wearing patriotic 9/11 cleats in remembrance of the tragic event, as reported by the Washington Post. Another player, Deandre Hopkins, was also fined for wearing cleats based on Kanye West, and he said that he would continue to wear them if West paid the NFL fines, which was also reported by the Washington Post.

In the case of Beckham, it wouldn't be surprising if the NFL did fine the player for wearing the Kirby-themed shoes. They're definitely a standout item in his attire, there's no arguing that.

Kirby's last game was Kirby: Planet Robobot, which recently came out just this past year for the Nintendo 3DS.

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