Final Fantasy XV May Have A Lot More Content Coming Than We Thought

If you've made your way through Final Fantasy XV already, you might be itching for some new content to come your way courtesy of the game's season pass. According to Square Enix, though, even more content is actually on its way in the not-too-distant future, and it'll be made available as a free download.

Over on the Square Enix Blog, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata has revealed plans to inject even more content into the game, all at no additional charge to the player. We're talking a retooled game ending, some new playable characters and possibly even a New Game + mode for those who want to dive straight back into the fray.

That's a nice surprise, especially since Final Fantasy XV is already a pretty huge game and, again, even more post-launch goods are heading our way through the game's season pass. According to Tabata, shipping five million copies of the game right off the bat and receiving great reviews has allowed the team to expand their goals for the complete Final Fantasy XV experience.

Even better is the fact that Tabata isn't just talking about a single update here. He said that the team wants players to keep coming back for more and, along with the season pass, free updates will continue to roll out throughout the next year.

As for the FFXV team's early plans, Tabata said the focus will be kept on enriching the existing experience, such as adding gameplay enhancements to Chapter 13, giving ring magic a nice little buff and the like. While there are no specific details on a launch for these tweaks, we imagine the team will want to keep them as close to the game's initial release as possible. Again, some folks have already completed FFXV at this point and might be a bit bummed to find out that the game will be made even better at some point down the road.

Also being developed are new story beats, including cutscenes. Tabata explains that these will take some additional time, as they will need to be inserted into the core game, then voiced and localized. The goal is that these scenes will provide even more character detail, giving players better insight into why characters behave the way they do.

Also being looked at are more playable characters, as noted above, as well as the potential for customizable avatars. Tabata also mentions the New Game + modes we referenced earlier, as well as additional play modes like "low-level runs and god mode."

Still not enough? Well how about new bosses and special rewards and achievements that can only be claimed during certain windows? Again, they want to give players a reason to keep coming back for more, and those types of timed promotions would certainly achieve that goal.

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Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.