Microsoft's newest project in their long-running Xbox experiment is a mid-generation refresh known as Project Scorpio. Some gamers are excited, some gamers are leery and some gamers are curious. Here, we'll break down everything that we know so far about the Xbox Project Scorpio.

This article will cover all the basics of the system regarding its functionality, its release date and its price. We'll also cover some of the more important aspects such as the game library and what you can expect performance wise from Microsoft's mysterious new device, and whether or not this is something you should take into consideration as a premium piece of hardware you might want to invest in when it launches later in the year.

Why Microsoft Launched Project Scorpio

So, why did Microsoft want to launch the Project Scorpio? According to an interview that the head of the Xbox division, Phil Spencer, had with Gamasutra he explained that the idea was to make a box that wasn't 2016-ready, but 2017-ready. The Xbox One and Xbox One S were designed with 1080p in mind (and they sometimes hit that standard... sometimes). During a roundtable meeting, those in the Xbox division decided to come up with something at the curve or ahead of the curve, and so they made a move to step out in front of tech by adopting 4K. They also wanted a console that didn't make the Xbox One and Xbox 360's libraries obsolete. This way, gamers who already racked up a sizable software smorgasbord from the previous two generations would still be able to use them on the Xbox Scorpio.

In the interview, Spencer also explains that the Xbox Scorpio is an alternative to what you can get from a high-end PC, which can currently play 4K games at 60fps (or higher) but costs quite a bit of money. The idea was to try to squeeze down the specs so that the Scorpio is as high-end as possible, but something affordable enough that consumers would actually want to pay for it. They buffed up the specs with 12GB of GDDR5 RAM, a 1TB HDD, a 4K Blu-ray and 326GB/s of memory bandwidth. The Scorpio was borne out of the idea of pushing the console industry forward by adopting the latest technological trend happening within the marketplace. Microsoft now wants to position themselves as having the most powerful home console on the market, which also manages to maintain its compatibility with the Xbox One and the Xbox One's backwards compatible library.

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