The New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Looks So Good It's Just Trolling Us Now

Square Enix has been developing Kingdom Hearts 3 for more than four years. It made its public debut back in 2013 and has been moving along slowly in development ever since. The game is still possibly up to three years out from release, but Square has given gamers a small taste of what they won't be playing anytime soon, thanks to the new trailer surfacing.

The trailer was posted up over on the official Kingdom Hearts Youtube channel. The name of the trailer is entitled "Orchestra".

The trailer starts with an extremely impressive shot of Sora falling from the sky onto one of the many platforms on Mount Olympus from Disney's Hercules. Sora breaks his fall with a diving strike into the center of minions using his keyblade.

We get to see a lot of new special attacks and strikes present in Kingdom Hearts 3, including the ability to transform the keyblade into a rapid-fire barrage of fists, a sparkling umbrella raining down fireworks of destruction on enemies, and a number of other team attacks and AOE strikes that highlight the game's faster, more cinematic combat structure.

We get to see some of the game's cinematics, along with some traversal, and even more of Sora's special keyblade abilities. There seems to be an endless supply of special moves in the game.

What's crazy is that the trailer ends by announcing another new trailer for the game that's set to debut during the D23 Expo 2017 event on July 15th next month. Usually, Square Enix unveils some new content for Kingdom Hearts 3 during the annual Disney event, so in keeping with that tradition, a new trailer featuring one of the new worlds the team has been working on will be showcased at the event.

This comes shortly on the heels of game director Tetsuyo Nomura and publisher Square Enix announcing that Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 are still up to three years out from release. The latter game has been in development for a really long time, and it was constantly put on hold as Nomura took on other projects or only slowly devoted some small amounts of time to it.

It wasn't until recently did Nomura get serious about hunkering down and aiming to finish Kingdom Hearts 3, but he's now juggling duties with that and Final Fantasy VII: Remake as well. A while back we found out that Disney wanted him to conclude the Xehanort saga, but his other duties at Square forced him to procrastinate development of Kingdom Hearts 3, hence why it's taking so long to get it finished.

Strangely, Square did not have another director come in and take the place of Nomura, and he instead is juggling multiple projects at once. The slow development time is definitely putting the stress on the fan community, and trailers like the one above could be seen as trolling the community since we still have no clue what the release date will be, other than that it's coming at some point between now and 2020.

Hopefully, we'll get a more ironed out release schedule with the trailer showcasing the new world at the D23 Expo. Then again maybe we don't want to know what the release schedule looks like because Kingdom Hearts 3 might be getting delayed... again.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.