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David Cage and the rest of Quantic Dream unveiled a new trailer for the upcoming science fiction title Detroit: Become Human. The trailer introduces gamers to the third and final playable character, Markus, who is played by Grey's Anatomy actor, Jesse Williams. The new trailer is tense and exciting, as it centers around a lot of the anxiety built up from the androids living in the world of Detroit: Become Human.

The new trailer shows a decidedly different take on the universe that Cage and the crew have been building for the game over the last four years compared to the previous trailers. The last trailer focused on one of the other three playable characters named Connor, an android detective who hunts down deviant androids. In the previous trailer, Connor was situated in a hostage crisis where players had the choice of talking down the deviant android, killing him or sacrificing Connor to resolve the situation.

The last E3 trailer was tight, taut and tension-ridden. This trailer goes in the complete opposite direction of the last trailer, focusing on the more macrocosms of deviant android actions that lead to widespread changes and tumult within the general population regarding their view on androids. A lot of people have compared it to the Fox sci-fi show from a few years ago, Almost Human.

Markus is the second playable character in Detroit: Become Human, and he's accompanied by another rogue android played by actress Minka Kelly from Friday Night Lights. The two have a destiny determined by the choices of the player. As Markus, players can either covertly free other androids and let them run out into the wild, or attempt to gather up an army of androids an attempt a violent revolt.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, players will also be able to play as Connor, who will be attempting to stop Markus and his android revolt.

Much like Cage's previous games, there will be multiple outcomes for the characters. Unlike Beyond: Two Souls, this game has branching narrative arcs for each of the three characters, so if or when they die the game's story continues onward, much like it did in Heavy Rain.

As we see in the trailer above, Markus faces difficult choices in how to revolt as an android. Does he do it peacefully? Does he do it covertly? Does he do it openly? Does he do it violently? These sort of scenarios completely change the way the story unfolds and the way players encounter the overall theme of Detroit: Become Human.

We still have yet to see much of Kara's gameplay. She's the third playable character in the game, but her exact role hasn't been divulged much. She was actually the first character we were introduced to back when Cage and Quantic Dream tested some of the new technology that was powering Detroit. Back then it was known as the "Kara tech demo" for the PlayStation 3, but it eventually evolved into tech that was used for the PS4 game.

A release date is nowhere to be seen for this game. Over on the PlayStation web portal there's just a TBC listing, so we'll have to wait to find out when they plan on rolling this game out to the public for the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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