Someone Modded Mario's New Hat Abilities Into Super Mario 64, And It's Awesome

In Nintendo's upcoming Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintnedo Switch, due out this fall, Mario is accompanied by a friendly hat known as Cappy. The hat grants Mario some super cool abilities, and someone managed to mod those abilities into the classic N64 title, Super Mario 64.

The video was posted up over on Kaze Emanuar's YouTube channel, where we get to see just a minute's worth of the mod in action for the 20 year old classic title from one of Nintendo's greatest consoles.

The video wastes absolutely no time at all jumping right into things. No prelude on how it works, no snazzy intro, no over the top effects; it just gets right into it. We see Mario head over to a pink bomb and the hat goes onto it, causing Mario to take control of the bomb. Cappy's face can be seen on the front of the cap, just like in the upcoming _Super Mario Odyssey. _

Kaze takes the bomb for a spin around the level before turning back into Mario and throwing the hate on a Goomba. Things get even crazier yet when Mario throws the cap onto one of the platforms and takes it off its axis, forcing it into the air.

But it doesn't end there!

Mario goes even more off the reservation by throwing the cap onto an item box, flying it around in the air and moving it over to the platform where the balls are rolling down. He demonstrates Cappy's abilities one last time by taking control of the cannon cover, moving it off the platform over the air.

For those of you thinking that this is really too over-the-top, even for Mario, think again. Nintendo actually allows players to practically do exactly what you see in the modded version of Super Mario 64 above. You can take Cappy and throw it onto objects and then "capture" them.

This allows players to control all manner of different entities and objects in Super Mario Odyssey, from people and enemies to vehicles and items. The game even allows a second player to join in on the fun by having a local cooperative mode get activated using the right or left Joy-Con. Players can open the control menu and split the controls, turning them sideways, and having a second player fly around as Cappy. This can be done to help with collecting items, taking over enemies, or giving Mario a bit of a hand during a tough time.

This feature was definitely well-received amongst most fans who saw it in action, giving Super Mario Odyssey an extra bit of oomph to its gameplay offerings and allowing players to thoroughly experiment with how they (and maybe a friend) interact with the game world.

If you don't have a Nintendo Switch it's always possible to check out the Cappy mod for Super Mario 64 and give it a go until Super Mario Odyssey launches later this year.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.