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Shadow Of The Colossus Director Has A List Of Things He Wants Changed In The Remake

A colossus towers over Wander in Shadow of the Colossus

It's not uncommon for fans to have a list of changes they'd like to see implemented when a beloved game gets a remaster but, for Shadow of the Colossus, it's actually creator Fumito Ueda who would like to see a few things altered.

In speaking with Eurogamer via translator, Fumito Ueda explained that he has sent a petition to Sony concerning "content and tuning" he'd like to see implemented in the Shadow of the Colossus remake for the PlayStation 4. That, of course, confirms that he's not actually tied to the project himself.

During the Sony games showcase at E3 2017, one of the few major surprises was that a Shadow of the Colossus remake is on the way from the Bluepoint studio. Those are the same folks for the remastered versions of Ico and SotC on the PlayStation 3, so they've definitely spent a lot of time with Ueda's games. Again, it should be noted that this PlayStation 4 project is not just another remaster, but a from the ground up remake of the PlayStation 2 classic. That's exactly what was recently done with the OG PlayStation trilogy of Crash Bandicoot games, and the results seem to be pretty fantastic.

The problem with Fumito Ueda's list is that we'll likely never actually see it. As Ueda explained, that's actually for a very good reason. As he puts it, if even a single item from his list of desired changes is seen by the public and does not make it into the game, it could cause some controversy. But it doesn't sound like his requests are anything major to begin with.

For instance, he has confirmed that there won't be any additional beasts to hunt down in the PS4 version of the game. Fans of the series might recall that several planned Colossi ended up not making it into the PS2 original. That's not exactly a surprise. Games from God of War to Destiny hit the shelves with everything from entire areas to boss fights and planned mechanics not making the cut; it's part of the development process.

But it's not uncommon for remakes to then plug in some of that stuff that didn't make the original game as an added bonus for fans to dive back in for another go. But as Ueda puts it, that won't be happening for Shadow of the Colossus, and we think it's for a very good reason. Fumito Ueda said the game had 16 bosses and told its story through those 16 bosses. Adding more would alter the intent of the final project and, for those who are worried about such things, alter the game's history. Those types of things are going to be more and more important the further we get into the lifespan of games.

So Fumito Ueda's list is a secret and even he doesn't know if any of the items will be implemented into the new version of Shadow. We doubt that's weighing too heavily on his mind, though, because now that The Last Guardian is out in the wild, he's announced he is indeed working on his next game.

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