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How Much Different Countries Spend On Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go
(Image credit: Niantic Labs)

Believe it or not, not everyone in every region spends the exact same amount of money on Pokemon Go as the next region over. Different gamers spend different amounts on the game, depending on how much they enjoy it.

According to Gamespot, a research firm called Sensor Tower released some data to the public about the spending habits of gamers around the world pumping time and money into Niantic Labs and Nintendo's Pokemon Go, and the stats might surprise you.

The data sheet shows that at the top of the spending chart per download for Niantic's free-to-play Pokemon title is Japan. That should come almost as no surprise given that Pokemon as a brand got its start in the land of the rising sun back in the mid-1990s. The native players there showing a bit of love for the homegrown franchise makes a lot of sense... just until you find out how much they're spending a month on the game.

According to Sensor Tower, on average, each Japanese player spends $26 a month on Pokemon Go... every month. That nearly makes up for the average per-player spend for the United States, Canada, Australia and Germany. The U.S. was next on the list but far, far, below Japan's stats. In fact, the average player in the U.S., only spends $7.70 a month on Pokemon Go, which isn't that bad at all. Next on the list is Canada, where the per-player spend a month averaged out to $7.60, just $0.10 cents lower than its American counterpart.

Australia was further down the list, by about $1.40... with the average player spend clocking in at $6.20. There's yet another $0.10 cent disparity between the two nearest countries, as German players spend on average $6.10.

Further down the list is Sweden, where the average spend is $5.90 per player, and it's followed by Great Britain, where the average output per player is $5.00 even. Taiwan follows behind at $4.60, with South Korea and France trailing at $3.00 and $2.80 respectively.

If anything stands out on the list it's that South Korea isn't quite as high on the list considering that at one point South Korea was the mecca of gaming during the middle and late seventh gen. The country was making rapid advancements in the industry until a lot of restrictions and institutional blockades halted the region's growth.

According to Gamespot, however, despite Japanese players spending more cumulatively each month over American players on average, America generates more revenue than Japan in total simply because there are more people playing Pokemon Go in general. In fact, out of the $1.2 billion that the game has generated in revenue, $424 million of it has been attributed to American gamers.

Getting to that point wasn't the easiest thing in the world. Pokemon Go had a lot of hardships to overcome, including decrees being sent by mayors out of small French villages that didn't want the game coming to the town, a string of dead bodies associated with the game, and all manner of other happenstance and haphazard events surrounding Niantic's title. Eventually all the drama died down and the company has been able to focus more on racking in that sweet, sweet cash, as evident by Sensor Tower's data.

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