While annualized game franchises are something that happens with a lot of different genres, one area where we can kind of understand it is sports games. Rosters change on a regular basis and if the game doesn't keep up, then people lose the opportunity to play as their favorite athletes on their favorite teams. While WWE is only sort of a sport, and thus the WWE2K games are only sort of sports games, this same idea holds true.

WWE2K18 is the next entry in the long running console series of professional wrestling games. While we can pretty much guess at what the basic game will look like, the structure of the titles has remained mostly unchanged for years. 2K is promising some significant updates to many aspects of that structure, and thus, 2K18 looks to perhaps be the best the franchise has had to offer. Here's everything we know so far about WWE2K18.

What Are The WWE 2K18 Release Date And ESRB Rating?

The next entry in the WWE game series has been announced to release on October 17, 2017. This is the same Q4 window that the series usually occupies. This will see the game get released alongside South Park: The Fractured But Whole, and just a week before Destiny 2. Luckily, neither of these titles is likely to take away much from the traditional WWE game audience.

WWE2K18 hasn't been rated yet by the ESRB. However, the game franchise has remained squarely in the T category for quite some time, and considering that the game's inherent physical violence means it's not likely to earn anything lower than that, and the WWE's own programming has been more family friendly in recent years, it's a virtual guarantee the new game will end up with the same rating.

What Are The Confirmed Platforms For WWE 2K18?

WWE2K18 will be available for all three major consoles at launch. That's right, not only will we get the expected Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions but we'll also see one for the Nintendo Switch. This will be the first time in several years that the proper WWE game series has appeared on any Nintendo platform, having skipped the Wii U generation entirely. Even most of the versions that were released for the Wii did not have the full feature set of the other consoles, but it sounds like the Switch version will have everything in it that the other platforms will have.

The WWE 2K18 Season Pass

As with previous WWE games, 2K18 has been confirmed to have a season pass. Exactly what will be part of it has not been revealed, but expect to see new playable characters, move sets, and other customization options to be made available.

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