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How You Can Play Titanfall 2 For Free

Titanfall 2
(Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall 2 hasn't had the easiest of times on the market, but it may be able to grab a few more eyeballs and become someone's favorite first-person shooter now that it's going to be free for select gamers who decide to join up with Electronic Arts' Origin Access or EA Access.

Polygon is reporting that Titanfall 2 is now part of the EA Access and EA Origin Vault. This means that the game is free for all of those who are subscribed to Electronic Arts' special membership-oriented service.

Polygon also notes that Battlefield 1 was also supposed to join the Vault, but no word yet on when it will go live. Both Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 were announced as joining the Vault at the same time, but so far only Respawn's mech-shooter has made the leap into the EA Vault.

While it might sound like some sort of containment unit for digital software, but it's actually the place where EA sends a variety of its published games for gamers who are subscribed to the service either for Origin on PC or for the Xbox One.

The Vault doesn't stay static, and it's been updated with new games, or updated to have some games removed. The Vault usually has around or just over 25 games inside. These games include Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline, along with the Dead Space series, a variety of the FIFA games, the Madden NFL series for the Xbox One, the Plants vs Zombies games, and even the original Titanfall, which was one of the early first-generation games for the Xbox One.

Games like EA Sports UFC 2, Mirror's Edge Catalyst and various other indie-published EA games also managed to make the cut as well, giving gamers plenty of choices when it comes to the subscription service offerings.

The games don't stay in the Vault forever, though. Just recently there was an update over on the main EA Access page revealing that FIFA 14 will be exciting from the Vault soon. So Electronic Arts will obviously be cycling games in and cycling older games out. This is possibly to keep gamers interested in the newer titles that are coming out from the publisher.

It could be that every four years EA will attempt to remove the older games and put in something new. Of course, this definitely makes one question exactly how long they will have access to something like Titanfall 2 before it cycles out of the Vault?

There's no ETA on exactly how long the game will be in the Vault, or whether or not it comes back after it leaves, but this is all part of EA's foray into the games as a service model.

The company sees game streaming and digital subscriptions as the way forward. So if that really is EA's long-term strategy, expect more high-quality games to appear on the EA Vault soon as part of the EA Access and EA Origin subscription services. If you're currently signed up with the service, you can hop in on the action right now and start downloading Titanfall 2.

Will Usher

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