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Two of the most requested features that gamers had for the Nintendo Switch are finally here in the system update 4.0.0, which just recently rolled out for Nintendo's hybrid console on October 18th. The update includes cool features such as video capture and the ability transfer saved data.

Polygon is reporting that 4.0.0 update for the Nintendo Switch is available right now. The two most talked about features so far have been the ability to capture video, improved wireless security, updated news channels, and the ability to transfer saved data to another system.

For the video capture, it imitates the video capture qualities from the Xbox One and PS4, including being able to capture 30 seconds worth of the last bits of gameplay. You can then head to your media library on the Switch's dashboard (even while the game is still open) and then proceed to upload the clip to your social media profiles such as Twitter or Facebook.

Just like the Share button on the PS4's DualShock 4, you has have to hold down the capture button on the Switch's left Joy-Con controller. Once the 30-second clip is captured you can also trim and briefly edit the clip before uploading it to social media to share with your friends and followers.

Of course, while this may seem like a pretty cool feature, the reality is that it's limited to only a few of Nintendo's first-party games for now. According to the patch notes, the clip capture can only be used for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, ARMS and Splatoon 2.

Eventually, the capture feature will likely extend to other second and third-party games as well, but Nintendo seems to be experimenting with the feature for now before committing to the feature being available for all games made available on the Nintendo Switch.

Additionally, the data transfer feature has been something that gamers have been begging Nintendo for since the console released back in March earlier this year. The new feature allows gamers to transfer their saved data from one Switch to another.

A lot of gamers had complained about the save data being trapped on the initial Switch console you purchased, but now that Nintendo has opened up the option to transfer the data, one of the biggest criticisms has been squashed.

Transferring data is pretty simple, you just have to go into the system settings located on the main menu, and then go into the user settings and from there you can choose to copy over user profiles or choose to copy over saved data.

However, this is only a one-time transfer deal. You can only copy over your user profile, saved games, and purchased software to another console at the expense of the original data on the other console being deleted. So you won't be able to copy and paste all your games and profiles on multiple Switch units.

New pre-purchase options have also been made available for select games on the Switch, enabling gamers to pre-purchase upcoming Nintendo Switch titles from the eShop before they release. This also will allow gamers to pre-load select titles as well.

Update 4.0.0 is live right now, so if the lack of data transfer or video capture were deal-breakers for you before, they shouldn't be now.

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