What's Coming With Destiny 2's Winter Event

Destiny 2 The Dawning
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Bungie is being a lot more proactive in keeping the content for Destiny 2 rolling out consistently. In fact, while Halloween isn't even here yet and Thanksgiving is still around the corner, Bungie is already planning winter events to take place in Destiny 2 later this year.

According to Gamespot, the winter events, known as The Dawning, will allow players to play games like hockey and throw snowballs at each other. The article states that the hockey mini-game will be played just like the soccer mini-game which is currently available in the game, which launched with Destiny 2 as one of the activities you could partake in once you unlocked access to the social hub known as The Farm.

The winter events will be available only for a limited time, however. So you'll have to get in on the action while it's available. This will be part of the kickoff for Season 2 content in Destiny 2 heading into the new year, where 2018 will be a platform for all new experiences, events and more for gamers.

In addition to the new gameplay events, Bungie will also be adding some brand new winter-themed armor to the game as well. The armor will allow you access to three cool new outfits for the different character classes in the game. The outfits have a bright silver color scheme with the under-armor being a clear sky-blue color. The armor is adorned with copper trimmings and highlights around the pauldrons, chest pieces and helmets. There will also be additional items made available through the event, but details on what those items are weren't shared. One thing that was shared was that the snowballs that you'll be able to pick up from the ground will allow you to actually damage enemies by throwing them.

Unfortunately The Dawning won't be bringing back Sparrow Racing... not yet, anyway.

That was actually one of the things that really bolstered interest in Destiny 1... Sparrow Racing. It was a lot like hearkening back to the days of Jet Moto or Extreme-G, where players would have to use some wits and technique in order to win a race. A lot of gamers originally felt that the first Destiny lacked a lot of the charm and consistency in content output that Bungie's Halo series had. The developers tried to rectify that problem with Destiny 2 by putting out the Raid a lot faster this time around, and by announcing new season events well ahead of their launch. Recently a Prestige Raid was introduced to give gamers an even more challenging opportunity to overcome the initial raid, and there was also the introduction of the Trials of the Nine.

Unfortunately, Bungie did run into some problems with the Trials of the Nine event after an exploit was discovered by the community. The event was pulled briefly while a fix is being worked on. Once that gets sorted and done, you can expect to hop back into the Destiny 2 event leading up to the launch of The Dawning this winter.

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