PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Already Has An Insane Number Of Players On Xbox One


We all know that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a huge hit on PC, but that didn't necessarily mean the game would experience similar success on the Xbox One. Spoiler alert: It has. The game is already up to more than 3 million players on Microsoft's home console.

This news comes to us from Microsoft's Xbox Wire, which is reporting an impressive milestone has quickly been reached by PUBG on the Xbox One. The game only hit the platform about a month of go and, in that time, it's already recruited 3 million folks eager to parachute onto an island with 99 other people in a quest for total domination.

Despite the popularity of PUBG on PC, we didn't want to make any bets on how the game would perform on the Xbox One. The game can be rough in terms of bugs and stability on its home platform, so there was no telling how a port would perform. There's also the fact that the Xbox One simply isn't as powerful as modern gaming PCs. Also, the Xbox One uses a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard, the latter being a setup many players believe is mandatory to be truly competitive in the game.

It turns out none of that was even a factor in the minds of gamers. They wanted to play PUBG on a console, the developers delivered, and so the fans responded in kind to the tune of 3 million participants to date.

And, that's despite the fact that everything noted above is pretty accurate. Before a big patch, the game was especially rough on the Xbox One. And while we wouldn't call it a graphical slouch, the visuals don't quite stack up to the PC version. Still, the developers are supporting the game and have already made the experience much better on the One, and it turns out that playing with a controller is just fine.

As noted by the announcement, PUBG Corp. has already launched four updates to improve the game's console performance in about as many weeks, and they remain "determined to continue to improve the in-game experience" for those enjoying the showdown on Xbox One.

This week alone, the team dropped in a patch enabling first-person mode across solo, duo and team play, with additional updates planned to further update the game. And while we're sure the Xbox crowd could hang out quite happily on the game's single map for months to come, the new Miramar map is apparently not too far off from getting dropped into the game, too.

We're excited to see the console version of PUBG thrive, as that serves as solid motivation for the developers to keep making the game better and better in the months ahead.

Now, about that potential PS4 version of the game?

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.