Stardew Valley Has Been A Huge Hit On The Nintendo Switch

A big farm in Stardew Valley.

What was the highest-selling digital game for the Nintendo Switch last year? Here's a hint: The game doesn't star a pointy-eared adventurer or a mustachioed former plumber. Instead, it's the indie darling Stardew Valley.

It was a huge year for Stardew Valley on the Nintendo Switch, earning the top spot for digital sales despite the fact it didn't arrive until October. That's also despite the fact that it had some extremely tough competition on the platform and the fact that the game itself has already launched on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

This news comes to us from Eurogamer, who had a breakdown of the top-selling digital games for the Switch throughout 2017. And if you're wondering why games like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey didn't make the cut, it's likely because the vast majority of their sales took place on the physical market. When it comes to digital sales, it's common to see games that cost less and take up less hard drive space rise to the top.

Also working in Stardew Valley's favor is the fact that it's a fantastic game that was perfectly realized on the Switch. There's also the fact that a laid-back game about farming and building a community is a perfect fit for the Nintendo ecosystem, especially when you consider the portable nature of the hardware. Speaking personally, I held out on buying the game until it launched for the Switch precisely because the console was perfect for long or short sessions, as well as playing while traveling.

With the game's biggest update gearing up to launch (hopefully soon), we figure Stardew Valley will continue to shine here in 2018. As for the rest of last year's big digital performers, the list is rounded out by some expected faces.

Second in the worldwide slot was Minecraft, even though it apparently took first in Japan. Next up was Sonic Mania, a game that proved the classic Sonic formula can still be pulled off masterfully. The fourth most-downloaded Switch title was the kinda-sport crossover, Rocket League, with the brilliant co-op romp Snipperclips taking fifth overall.

The top 10 worldwide list continues with Overcooked, Shovel Knight, Fast RMX, Kamiko and Steamworld Dig 2.

That's a pretty fantastic list of games that just goes to show how strong the Switch's first year of launches has been. A console isn't built on AAA first party games alone, nor just ports of great third-party games. Indies like those listed above have helped make the Switch a massive success, and we're happy to hear they're all doing so well on their latest platform.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.