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Xbox Game Pass

There's some pretty big news making its way through the gaming circles regarding Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass. It was recently announced that some big name exclusives and brand new titles will launch on retail shelves and digital distributors on the exact same day as they arrive on the Xbox Game Pass.

The news was first made public via Major Nelson's blog, where it was announced that the new changes were coming to those subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass. Phil Spencer, the head honcho over the Xbox division, detailed the new changes, explaining that in addition to the 100 games currently available on the service, the newer exclusive releases for the Xbox One will launch day and date across the standard distribution channels in addition to launching on the Xbox Game Pass at the exact same time.

This will include all of the major upcoming Xbox console exclusives published by Microsoft Studios, such as Sea Of Thieves, which will launch on March 20th for the Xbox One. The game will also be available day and date to Xbox Game Pass subscribers as well, giving them an extra incentive to subscribe to the service for $59.99 for a six-month pass.

Sea Of Thieves has slowly been gaining some momentum and traction leading up to its release, so it's possible that the game could be a big enough boon for the Xbox Game Pass.

Additionally, Crackdown 3 will also be available on the Game Pass when it launches later this year for the Xbox One. It's another one of those titles that has been perpetually delayed for years after being reworked time and time over again when the whole cloud-based destruction mechanic didn't quite turn out as planned. Unlike Scalebound, however, Microsoft decided to stick with Crackdown 3 after several reworks, and simply delayed it into an undefined date in 2018. However, when the game does become available Microsoft is likely hoping that a day-one launch on the Game Pass will spark some interest in the digital subscription service.

State of Decay 2 will also join the ranks of day-one releases, whenever it does happen to launch. We haven't heard much about the upcoming game from Undead Labs other than that it's scheduled to launch at some point in 2018 for the Xbox One and for Windows 10 PCs. However, at least Xbox Game Pass subscribers know that they'll be able to get first dibs on the game alongside everyone else who plans on playing the game day-one.

But it's not just the most immediate upcoming exclusives that will be available through the subscription service. Phil Spencer also revealed that even future exclusives, such as the next Forza Motorsport and the newest Gears of War games will also make the cut.

One of the more hotly anticipated exclusives, Halo 6 from 343 Industries, will also join the rest of the other Xbox exclusives.

You'll also be able to pick up subscription cards soon from your local GameStop for $59.99 starting March 20th. The subscription cards will offer you six months of Xbox Game Pass service so you can start enjoying the exclusives once they launch.

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