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PlayStation Is Getting An Official Shoe, Because Reasons

Every major brand seems to have some sort of apparel made available for the general consumer. Whether it's Xbox t-shirts or Nintendo-themed onesies, there's a little something for everyone. Well, now Sony is jumping into the mix with a brand new PlayStation themed shoe... because reasons.

The new Nike PG-2 PlayStation shoe was unveiled through a a brief, minute long promotional trailer that Sony shared through the official PlayStation YouTube channel. The new pair of shoes are set to launch on next month, on February 10th.

The trailer starts by showcasing the Nike logo along with the PlayStation icon. We then get brief flashes of the shoe before the trailer quickly has a snapshot of the full side profile of the darkly-themed sports apparel with hints of color sprinkled throughout.

On the inside of the shoe, there's the iconic PlayStation power button, a blue logo indicating that the shoe is on. But the power button is powered by actual LED lights with a lithium battery inside, so you probably won't want to keep the threads soaked in water for too long.

But the battery-powered shoe just isn't glowing from the inside, it also has some power flowing through the outside as well, with the Nike and PlayStation logos respectively on the right and left shoes glowing in unison.

If you don't want to attract that kind of attention to yourself, you can actually turn off the LEDs and go in stealth mode. However, if being inconspicuous is the sort of thing that absolutely does not jive with your idiosyncratic sense of style, then you can go in the complete opposite direction by pumping up the visual volume by switching the LEDs over to a pulsating effect, ensuring that if you weren't the talk of the town before you'll surely find yourself grabbing the attention of nearby eyeballs as your pulsing shoes imitate disco strobe lights as you stroll down the street.

On the lower end of the shoe, you'll find a galaxy-themed motif splayed throughout the midsole, giving it a bit more color to contrast against the dark navy and blacks on the upper parts. You'll also find a faded Nike Zoom lettering etched on the side, with the Nike logo on the backside of the heel.

There's a patent leather patch around the ankle area featuring the iconic Square, Triangle, Circle and 'X' images from the DualShock face buttons on the PlayStation controllers. The face button color scheme is represented through the first four eyelets on the top part of the shoe where the laces are located. The traditional PlayStation colors of pink, blue, green and red are made quite clear.

Beyond the aesthetics, there are also some functionality-driven features located within the shoe itself, such as a zoom airbag, a sock liner, an outsole for improved grip and traction, and there's even a special PSN voucher code located on the back heel of the shoe.

Despite the scheme being a bit busy and the colors being rather dark, many of the PlayStation universe fans are quite excited for Nike's new PG-2.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.