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Data miners have been some of the biggest news breakers for Pokemon GO content. These miners have picked apart the latest roll out for the Android APK, and the miners found some awesome new strings that point to the possibility of multi-chain quests being added to Pokemon GO.

The news comes courtesy of the Silph Road sub-Reddit, where the miners detailed some of the quest features in Niantic Labs' mobile RPG.

Inside the APK the miners found quest strings, and not just any old quest strings... quest strings that relate to multi-chain quests. Unfortunately the miners were unable to piece together how the metadata relates to how it'll be used in the actual game. But, the highlight is that the strings relate to all new story quests and challenge quests.

Instead of the basic quests having two objectives, there were strings that were discovered that involve 10 objectives. So, these aren't just some menial fetch quests, these are multi-layered quests with various objectives that must be completed in a specific way within Pokemon GO.

A few examples were listed from the metadata strings found within the APK code. The previous two quests in the game were rather simple, such as the Catch of the Day quest and the Pokestop of the Day quest. Well, there are now eight new quests in the strings, such as hatching an egg, walking with a buddy, feeding your Pokemon, winning a gym battle, completing a raid battle and leveling up your badges.

The miners also found a multi-part quest string but haven't been able to determine how exactly it works. They were able to dissect the quest attributes that include creation and completion timestamps, along with rewards, statuses, context, seed and goal.

Data for Professor Willow was also referenced, along with all new NPC character expressions. Two states were discovered, including "unset" and "happy."

While all these quest items were discovered inside of version 0.91.1, none of them were live in that version. This indicates that Niantic may have added in hooks for a future update.

However, keep in mind that just because the strings and hooks are there doesn't mean Niantic will make use of all of them. Sometimes there's code added for future content but only some of it is put to use, similar to the code that was excavated from GTA V back in 2013, but only some of those multiplayer missions made it into GTA Online. It's definitely obvious, though, that Niantic wouldn't expand the quest functions if there weren't plans to do something with those functions.

Additionally, miners found that attached to some of those quests are rewards as well, including the new avatar clothing that was recently unveiled not too long ago, the candy, experience points, items, another quest and stardust.

If this turns out to be true, then Niantic is really elevating the quality of gameplay for Pokemon GO to mimic the gameplay featured in the Nintendo 3DS games like Pokemon Moon and Pokemon Sun. Right now version 0.91.1 is being seeded to Android devices, so don't expect full quests to make an appearance until the next major update for Pokemon GO. In the meantime, you can examine all the miner data to salivate over what's to come.

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