Monster Hunter World is rolling out the red carpet for yet another cameo with everyone's favorite demon-slayer, Dante, who's ready to tackle towering dragons with little more than his trusty sword.

Capcom announced its latest crossover event for Monster Hunter World with a Devil May Cry Collaboration trailer, showing off the platinum-haired Dante and his impressive fighting skills against dragons and dinos.

This is only the latest in a number of fun collaborations being introduced into MHW, including the likes of Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn, Ryu and Sakura from Street Fighter, and an upcoming retro Mega Man costume for your Palico. At this point, we wouldn't be surprised to see just about any other Capcom property make a surprise appearance. We'd be all for a Resident Evil representative, and maybe even someone like Nathan Spencer from Bionic Commando (Classic, not the modern hippy version).

While Capcom hasn't released too many details concerning Dante's trip to Monster Hunter, we can pull quite a few pieces of key information from the trailer. For instance, alongside Dante's costume will be a unique Charge Blade. While the weapon usually includes a shield in the typical Monster Hunter arsenal, Dante's shield appears to be a collection of runes hovering around his right hand. Dante can also be seen utilizing his trademark pistols, which we figure are almost certainly going to be a premium emote similar to the ones Ryu and Sakura have that let's players do their trademark moves.

Assuming Dante is unlocked the same way as Aloy, his outfit and weapon will probably require players to tackle a special quest multiple times over to acquire them. Capcom is typically generous with the timeframe for these kinds of events, though, so you'll probably have a couple of weeks to earn all of the needed resources to add some Devil May Cry flavor to your monster hunting experiences. They've also made it clear that these events will rotate, so, even if you don't have time to nab Dante's duds this time around, he'll probably pop back up sometime later this year.

You'll definitely want to check out the announcement trailer in order to see Dante in action. For folks who are getting annoyed with cameos, he's another option that at least looks pretty at home in the Monster Hunter universe. At this point, I've seen plenty of custom avatars that were almost certainly supposed to look like him anyway. As a reminder, his duds are a full costume, so you won't be able to mix and match with other Monster Hunter gear.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Dante's appearance in Monster Hunter World in the comments below along any other Capcom characters you'd like to see make it onto the roster next.

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