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While playing Insomniac Games' upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man, your spidey sense is likely to start tingling because of the sudden arrival of villains like Electro, Mister Negative or even The Vulture. But while we know a rather impressive crew of the wall-crawler's worst enemies will make an appearance in the game, the developer has confirmed at least one big bad will not be attending the party.

The above tweet comes from Jacinda Chew, art director at Insomniac Games. With Spider-Man set to launch in just a couple of months, fans have started turning to just about every corner of the internet in the hopes of gaining additional details about the game before that Sept. 7 arrival. While we might see a little something-something at Gamescom next month, we aren't likely to get too many tidbits before the game launches. Still, you can't blame folks for trying.

And that's exactly what Justreallyweird did when they posed a question to Chew on social media. They asked how big Venom is, to which Chew gave her absolutely fantastic response about the symbiote-filled behemoth simply being "too big" to actually fit in the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Of course, given the way this industry works, Chew could just be having a little fun here. While it's always possible she was being on the level with her answer, it could have also been a fun way of deflecting a question we're sure the entire Insomniac team has been asked at least a dozen times a day. Venom is one of Spidey's most notorious villains, after all, so it makes sense that folks would want to see him appear in the game. While we feel like the most recent Spider-Man trailer offers plenty of baddies to keep the web-slinger occupied for a full action game, we certainly wouldn't mind seeing Insomniac doing something creative with the character. They've got freedom to tell their own story, after all, so wouldn't it be interesting if Venom has moved on to a new host? What if the symbiote decided to attach itself to one of the known villains, or someone totally new?

Daydreaming aside, we're just going to take Chew at her word for the time being. Again, we don't want to get too greedy with the baddies and Venom has already got his own thing going in the movies at this point. In other words, we don't need to see the character pop up in anything and everything to do with Spider-Man. And for all we know, there may still be some weird licensing issues, given the fact that this game was likely in development long before the upcoming Venom movie got rolling, so, maybe, the character literally couldn't be in the game while the team was creating the story.

Either way, what do you readers think about Chew's response? Has she squashed a rumor or are you still holding out hope to see Venom in Spider-Man? Let us know in the comments below.