It was announced last week that Sony was taking another stab at this whole "cinematic universe" thing, only this time, they're backing a different wall-crawling comic book character: Venom. An R-rated Venom film is supposedly in the works and the plan is that it will launch Sony's own Marvel Cinematic Universe, using Spider-Man side characters that will be completely unconnected to the MCU's continuity. So far, this has failed to enthuse many people beyond a curious raise of the brow, but Sony seems serious about making Venom the center of... whatever this is. But is that a good thing?

Apart from divorcing Venom from Spider-Man (an ill-advised move, for sure), this new movie would likely take Venom off the board for the MCU as well; It doesn't make much sense to have two different version of the same character confusing audiences, so don't look for him to be part of the planned Spider-Man sequels. However, taking Venom away from the MCU cripples his chances at success, and takes him away from what should be his strongest ally. These are the reasons why Venom can't succeed without the MCU in his corner.

Venom Can't Carry A Cinematic Universe

To create a cinematic universe, you need enough material to fill in, well, a universe. The MCU, DCEU, MonsterVerse, and even the Transformers universe have more than enough characters and stories to provide a wealth of movies for years to come. Venom is just one character, and he doesn't exactly come attached with a memorable cast of friends and enemies that are exclusively his. He's a symbiotic monster who has a revenge boner, and even from his lethal protector days, there is just not enough here to work with to support multiple slates of films. True, we don't know who else will be in this Sony-verse helping to bear the load, but Venom by himself is certainly not enough.

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