Splatoon 2 Has A Cheating Problem

Nintendo usually prides itself on having a highly secure platform that prevents nefarious antics from disrupting their multiplayer ecosystems. Of course, no matter how hard you try to prevent people from cheating in games they'll still find ways to do it, which is what has happened with Nintendo's first-party multiplayer shooter game, Splatoon 2. The colorful shooter has been subjected to the vile machinations of cheaters, and now Nintendo is set about trying to stop the hackers and put them in their place.

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Twitter user Nintendeal shared an image from the top leaderboard for Splatoon 2's X Rank, which features a hacker who is actually calling out Nintendo to add some form of anti-cheat detection in order to prevent cheaters from taking advantage of the game.

The cheaters managed to use the top leaderboard spots to spell out the phrase "Please add anti cheat".

Further down the Twitter thread there's an image of the statement from the hacker, who notes that he loves Splatoon 2 very deeply, and that it's a very healthy competitive online multiplayer game for the Nintendo Switch. However, he notes that there are "cheaters lurking around", which has been growing lately.

The hacker felt that Nintendo had been lacking in implementing proper security measures, and that this has caused the system to become vulnerable to hacks from cheaters looking to exploit the console's lack of online security.

This has been going on since the Nintendo Switch had been hacked earlier in the year, where it was possible to develop homebrew software for the system along with cheat in various games.

Many gamers feared that once the system had been cracked that it would open the floodgates for more than corruption affecting the multiplayer ecosystem.

The hacker in this case wanted to inform Nintendo about the lack of security so that it could be fixed, all in hopes of eventually securing online multiplayer games like Splatoon 2.

But it's not just Splatoon 2 that would be left vulnerable, there's also Mario Kart 8 and ARMS that would also be affected most by these cheats as well.

Ironically enough it was actually Sony that mentioned last year that the reason the company did not want to enable features such as cross-platform compatibility is because the company felt as if the other home consoles lacked proper security. In this case, there's definitely some measure of truth to that claim given that Splatoon 2 has been compromised.

Now it's a matter of whether or not Nintendo will be able to adequately fix the cheating issues and address the hackers before they overrun the Nintendo Switch. This was definitely one of the fears that many gamers had when they first found out that the Switch had been hacked. One would also have to wonder if Nintendo fixing the issue could possibly open up the door down the road for actual cross-platform play between Switch and PS4 gamers in games like Fortnite? Only time will tell.

Will Usher

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