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Setting records is no easy task. Every big new product seems to be setting a record in some form, fashion or way, making it difficult for the next product to come down the line to match or even top its predecessor. For video games this becomes increasingly difficult as the bar keeps getting raised and the quality of products keep aiming for higher heights. Well, despite all the record-setting roadblocks put into place by previous PS4 exclusives, Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man has still managed to blast past all of those records and set its own pace for Sony's gaming platform, managing to sell an exorbitant amount of units within the first three days.

The news was posted on the official PlayStation Twitter account. And yes, that's right, Marvel's Spider-Man basically moved 1.1 million units every single day for the first three days of its release. Managing more than 3.3 million units within the span of just three days is no easy feat, and very few games have been able to pull off such a rocking start.

In fact, this puts Marvel's Spider-Man in a very exclusive club of the over-3-million group. The previous 3-million-in-three-days champion on a PlayStation platform was Santa Monica Studios' God of War, which managed 3.1 million copies over the course of three days. Marvel's Spider-Man managed 200,000 more units over the same time span. This is also a major shift in units over one of the most celebrated games in PlayStation history, The Last of Us, which managed 3.4 million units over the course of three weeks. It also managed to outdo another Naughty Dog outing, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which moved 2.7 million copies during its first week of being on the market.

It's a major, major accomplishment to be able to say that your superhero game managed to outsell one of the platform's biggest exclusives. I'm sure the guys and gals at Insomniac are happy about that achievement.

However, we still need to keep a few things in perspective. For instance, Marvel's Spider-Man hasn't quite matched up with other PlayStation exclusives from past generations, such as Uncharted 3, which managed to move 3.8 million copies on the day of its release. Of course, this was a game that was hyped to the high heavens and coming off one of the biggest and most celebrated PlayStation exclusives of all time, Uncharted 2.

But as far as superhero games are concerned, it's still one of the biggest out there, even managing to top Rocksteady Studios' highly respected Batman: Arkham Knight, which comes up about a million short of Marvel's Spider-Man when comparing first week sales. And, according to Endgadget, the web-slinging superhero of New York has actually managed to move 1.3 million more copies during its first three days on the market than what Batman: Arkham City moved during its first week on the market. Keep in mind that Arkham City launched for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, so that makes the feat even more impressive for Insomniac Games.

You can pick up a physical or digital copy of Marvel's Spider-Man right now, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

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