Spider-Man's Next DLC, Has Been Dated

The very first piece of DLC for the trilogy of episodes within the expansion pack known as The City That Never Sleeps came out in October for Marvel's Spider-Man. It introduced gamers to the Black Cat for the first time in Insomniac Games' open-world super hero game, and now the studio is prepping to release the next big DLC for the game called Turf Wars.

Marvel's Spider-Man

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In a screenshot taken of the in-game menu of Marvel's Spider-Man there's an advertisement at the bottom of the menu for the DLC that leads to the PlayStation Store page. The DLC is for Turf Wars, the next episode in the expansion pack for The City That Never Sleeps. It lists that the Turf Wars episode will be available starting November 20th exclusively for PlayStation 4 gamers over on the PlayStation Store.

The little ad pops up right at the very bottom of the menu where you can choose to continue the story, load your game, change the settings or view the credits. It appeared shortly after the update was made available on November 7th for Marvel's Spider-Man, meaning that Insomniac is already prepping to get the DLC up and out at the end of the month.

We don't know exactly what the details of the DLC are, but we do know that the general description says that Spider-Man will be butting heads with the criminal villain Hammerhead in the new DLC, which will be available on the PlayStation Store.

Now, if you already purchased the season pass for the game you don't have to worry about paying extra for it. Everything within the expansion The City That Never Sleeps will be available to season pass holders. So think of it literally as gaining access to a season of episodes, and each new DLC is an episode within the season.

I don't know how well gamers will take to having to purchase new season passes for each new season of content, as it can very quickly begin to get very expensive maintaining the DLC roll out for single-player games, and I'm sure completionist will find it difficult to ignore their compulsion to own all the DLC in order to unlock the full story, but so far gamers love Marvel's Spider-Man so much that I tend to doubt that too many people will have a problem with it.

The Turf Wars DLC will likely pick up right where the last DLC, The Heist, left off. There are some spoilers ahead so if you haven't played it it's probably best to avoid the next section.

But in The Heist, which involved the Black Cat, Spider-Man and his old flame got into a tussle, which involved stealing from Hammerhead after Black Cat was originally working for the mob boss. The ending was an explosive finale that attempted to show Hammerhead having Black Cat blown up. This was a perfect segue into Turf Wars, because it made Hammerhead the main target of Spider-Man's attention, which will likely conclude in the upcoming DLC... maybe.

Marvel's Spider-Man released with a lot of positive feedback from gamers and critics alike, and it sold millions of copies right out of the gate, which helped Sony's quarterly financials. The game also managed to become one of the few open-world games with the fastest and largest platinum achievements on the PlayStation 4. You can grab a physical or digital copy of the game right now or look for the Turf Wars episode to launch on November 20th.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.