Spider-Man's First DLC Is Now Available

Marvel's Spider Man: The Heist
(Image credit: Insomniac Games)

After plenty of teases throughout the main campaign mode for the extra content and a teaser trailer for the character Black Cat, Insomniac Games' first major DLC pack for Marvel's Spider-Man is now available for the PlayStation 4.

Over on the PlayStation Blog game director Ryan Smith, from Insomniac Games, revealed that the first City That Never Sleeps DLC pack, called The Heist, is currently available. It adds an all new chapter to Marvel's Spider-Man that adds new missions, new enemies, all new suits you can unlock, and the Black Cat story that picks up from where it left off in the main campaign.

It starts with an investigation at a museum and then transitions into Spider-Man and Mary Jane working together to track down and stop Felicia Hardy, the Black Cat. This includes the long chase sequence that we saw from the teaser trailer where Spider-Man and Black Cat are seen running, leaping, and swinging throughout the rooftops and underground transportation hubs of New York City.

The new content will also endow gamers with the necessary means to unlock three brand new suits for Spider-Man, including one of the original concept suits that artist Gabriele Dell'Otto designed for Insomniac Games in the form of the Resilient Suit. The suit looks awesome. It's very similar to the new suit Insomniac Games introduced near the beginning of the game, but instead of having cloth parts, it's metallic and shiny, providing Spider-Man with an armored look.

New trophies have also been added to the game for some of the new challenges that are available, along with all new commentary from the in-game fictional podcast known as "Just The Facts" starring J. Jonah Jameson. The challenges added to the game center around a fictional game show where Spider-Man attempts to complete obstacle courses stationed throughout Manhattan.

The Heist DLC is available right now for $9.99, featuring the Black Cat storyline. Alternatively you can gain access to all the episodes within The City That Never Sleeps by purchasing the season pass-esque package for $24.99. For those of you who already purchased the digital deluxe edition or the physical deluxe packs of Marvel's Spider-Man, you'll automatically gain access to the content and the three accompanying chapters.

This is probably one of the few games where a lot of gamers have already put money aside for the DLC, especially given that the game has one of the fastest platinum completion rates on the PS4.

Critics and gamers alike are loving the game so far, and Insomniac has managed to avoid any kind of controversies with the game, which is the opposite of games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider with the price-cut review bombing or Black Ops 4 with the server hertz issue. Insomniac has managed steer clear of the drama and just get to bask in the high-sales and tons of positive feedback. Of course, even while Insomniac has managed to avoid any drama, some of the people the game was made for weren't so lucky.

Anyway, the new Heist DLC is available right now for the PS4 exclusive, and you can grab it and Marvel's Spider-Man right now.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.