PUBG Gets PS4 Release Date

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
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PUBG Corporation originally signed a timed exclusivity deal with Microsoft to put PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on the Xbox One an entire year ahead of its release on the PlayStation 4. During that time the developers have been fixing up the gameplay and optimizing the performance. Soon, however, PS4 gamers will be able to get in on the action a lot sooner than you thought possible.

Over on the PlayStation Blog there's an announcement from PUBG Corporation's developmental project manager, Joon H. Choi, who revealed that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will be widely available on the PlayStation 4 starting December 7th.

The game came out back in early 2017 for PC when it entered into Early Access on Steam. The game quickly shot up the sales charts, garnering more than 30 million sales and becoming the biggest single-platform game launch of 2017. PUBG managed to strike a deal with Microsoft and the game was released on the Xbox One in the Game Preview program. This allowed PUBG to implement new content while the game was still in Early Access both on PC and Xbox One.

Since Sony doesn't have an Early Access program like Steam or the Xbox One, there's no way for alpha games to launch on the PlayStation unless they have a limited alpha test or they're an MMO entering into the beta testing phase.

Microsoft, however, managed to get access to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds for nearly an entire year, given that the game launched on the Xbox One back on December 20th, 2017.

The PS4 version of the Battle Royale game that created a craze in the world of gaming, and spawned multiple imitators, including the game that eventually eclipsed it in popularity, Fortnite, will launch with a special pre-order bundle that comes with three of the game's iconic maps, including Frangel, Miramar, and Sanhok, along with special PlayStation exclusive skins such as the the Nathan Drake desert outfit from Uncharted 3.

But the goodies don't end there. The pre-order bonus also comes with Ellie's backpack from Naughty Dog's The Last of Us. You'll also gain access to a free PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds avatar that will be available for download directly after pre-ordering the game.

Anyone who pre-orders will gain access to the special PlayStation exclusives, and they will be available for each SKU of the game, including the disc version that will be available for $29.99, the digital edition that will be available for the same price, the Survivor's digital edition that comes with a Survivial Pass and 20,000BP for $59.99, and the Champion's digital edition for $89.99 that comes with 6,000 G-Goin and 20,000BP along with the base game and the Survival Pass.

Before Battle Royale modes became all the rage in games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield V, PUBG Corporation set the stage with the widely popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on PC. Gamers interested in checking this title out on the PS4 will be able to do so starting next month on December 7th for the listed prices above.

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