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During the morning of December 11th, 2018 a strange thing began to occur on social media. Infinity Blade began to trend. Why? Well, because the game series was pulled from the iTunes App Store while the iconic blade from the game was added into Epic's Fortnite.

Eurogamer is reporting that Fortnite was updated to include the Infinity Blade from the eponymous game series. The blade is a one-off weapon that the outlet claims will be available once for every match if you can make your way to the Polar Peak, which is home to the Ice King.

Since only one version of the Infinity Blade will spawn into the map at a time, it means only one player can wield the blade at a time. Obviously, this will likely create a lot of congestion around Polar Peak as gamers attempt to get their hands on the blade.

The sword does a good amount of damage, and it features an alternate attack mode where you can leap forward to break through objects and deal damage to enemies. It also comes with a 200 hit-point health buff for anyone who wields it, and sports constant health regeneration, just like the sword from the Infinity Blade series. The weapon was part of patch 7.01, which recently became available as part of the Season 7 roll out.

The sword's arrival did not come without some kind of preemptive apprising. Epic did drop hints ahead of the sword's addition to the game with a teaser image, showing the Infinity Blade in the ground while showcasing the iconic hilt.

This took place around the same time as the Infinity Blade trilogy was removed from the iTunes App Store. As reported by Eurogamer, if you still own the games or have downloaded them prior to their removal, you can still play them on your iPhone or iPad, but if you didn't download the games then they're gone from the App Store for good.

Epic Games acknowledged the removal of the game from the mobile marketplace, but stated that the company was excited for what Spyjinx was going to do next.

Infinity Blade came out way back in 2010 as part of the Unreal Engine 3 roll out for mobile devices. The idea was to make the engine more mobile-compatible, and in the same way that Gears of War was the anchor for the Unreal Engine on seventh gen consoles, the Infinity Blade series was how Epic introduced new compatibility and platform-specific features for the Unreal Engine running on mobile devices.

However, I think we would be remiss not to mention that the removal of the game series from the iTunes App Store may only be temporary. Given that Epic just opened up the Epic Games Store, don't be surprised if the company adds the Infinity Blade trilogy to its own storefront to help bolster the awareness and appeal of the new digital storefront. Also, positioning the Epic Games Store both as a PC and mobile outlet could help spread its market share greatly... assuming that's what's happening.

For now, though, the Infinity Blade games are no longer available on the iTunes App Store, but you can still hack and slash away using the fantastical fantasy blades within Fortnite.