Monster Hunter: World's The Witcher Crossover Gets A Release Date

It probably came as an absolute shock to a lot of gamers when it was announced that Capcom and CD Projekt Red had entered into a joint partnership for a crossover DLC campaign featuring Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher series landing in the world of Monster Hunter: World. But it's real, and it just received a release date.

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The news came via a post over on the official Monster Hunter Twitter account, where it was revealed that the new DLC featuring the crossover content with CD Projekt Red's The Witcher would be arriving on February 8th next month for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. The PC version of the DLC will be announced and will arrive at a later date, but for now home console gamers will know exactly when they'll be able to get their hands on Geralt of Rivia from the popular action-RPG series from the Polish game developers.

Originally Capcom made the announcement that Geralt would be joining the adventures back on December 10th. There was a wildly popular teaser trailer that was posted up online featuring Geralt making a jump through a portal that took him into the world of Monster Hunter.

While some people might be scratching their heads about this crossover, it actually makes way more sense than you might have imagined. In the realm of The Witcher, Geralt is none other than a hired mercenary that hunts down... yes, you guessed it: monsters.

The big difference is that Geralt's hunts take a lot of preparation, magic gathering, and potions in order for him to battle against his foes. He also uses a variety of different enchanted weapons to help aid him during the battles. It's pretty cool to see him make the leap into the world of Monster Hunter, where a different set of his battle skills will be tested.

There's obviously a story centered around why Geralt made it into the world and what he's hunting, but players will have to wait for the DLC to find out the reasons why. It's pretty cool that the designers took some extra time to write in a (hopefully) compelling story centered around his exploits and how he ended up in the different world through the portal hopping.

Geralt also made a guest appearance in Bandai Namco's Soul Calibur VI last year when it launched in October for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. He was also joined by another guest star, 2B, from Platinum's NieR: Automata.

We still don't quite know what all of the new content will be like for the upcoming DLC, but you won't have to wait long to find out. I imagine some new weapons and armor will be in tow, similar to when Capcom and Ubisoft had a crossover and added in the Assassin's Creed gear.

You can look to get your hands on the new DLC featuring Geralt from The Witcher starting February 8th. The DLC will be available first and foremost on the Xbox One and PS4, and at a later date for PC gamers.

Will Usher

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