Watch How A Fortnite Player Recreated The Millennium Falcon

Epic Games implementing the new creative mode into Fortnite has opened up a whole bunch of new possibilities for gamers to explore their very own creative breadth. We've seen a number of really cool creations coming out of the new mode, but one of the most talked about entries in recent times is a recreation of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Check it out:

YouTuber MakaMakes posted up a six minute video outlining the creation of the famed fictional space ship. It starts with some YouTube comments asking if it would be possible to make the ship, and then it shows a completed version of the Falcon perched high atop an elevated structure. From there, we get a tutorial on how they had to replace the AT-TE in order to get the necessary space to build the Falcon.

The entire construction of the ship is captured on footage with a time-lapse. It starts with the base outline being applied like a foundation, and then we see the cockpit being formed, the outer shell being made, and then the interior where players are able to walk around and check out each of the rooms. It's actually really cool because the interior is also fully furnished. From there, the top of the Millennium Falcon is put into place, and then the decorations and accessories are applied. The final piece of construction comes with the bottom of the ship, which is filled in and detailed before the the cockpit is refurbished and given some seating.

Due to the limitation of the block sizes the ship looks more like something out of Mojang's Minecraft. However, when you actually get a tour of the way the ship looks on the inside, you can see that the interior is actually a lot more detailed than you may have been expecting. In fact, the actual cockpit looks pretty cool, save for the wooden chairs that would probably be better suited on a summer deck.

When Epic decided to open up Fortnite to include the creative mode, I'm sure most people expected a lot of simple structures and themes to make their way into the game, but I doubt anyone thought that a fully made replica of Han Solo's infamous hauler would make an appearance in the game.

We saw the same level of creativity sprouting up in games like Starbound and ARK: Survival Evolved as players began building out, crafting, modding, and recreating popular real-life and fictional structures within emergent-based games. For instance, there was the complete recreation of Hogwarts from Harry Potter and Minas Tirith from The Lord of the Rings within Minecraft, which is just a jaw-dropping experience even seeing it in within the confines of the blocky voxels of Mojang's title.

In this case, MakaMakes is pushing the envelop on what Fortnite can handle, and is currently taking requests to make more structures, objects, vehicles, and items from other popular media.

I don't know if you can really get any bigger than Star Wars, but Maka is already off to a pretty big start and will likely be gaining a ton of subs if they keep creating cool stuff like the Millennium Falcon.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.