How To Unlock Kingdom Hearts III's Secret Movie

Kingdom Hearts 3
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The day is nearly upon us where Square Enix's highly anticipated crossover JRPG with the wide world of Disney will be released onto a store shelf near you or a digital distribution network online for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. However, ahead of the game's release there are already some guides popping up teaching you to unlock the Kingdom Hearts III secret movie.

Kotaku has an article about how to unlock the secret movie in the game, after it was revealed to Famitsu in an interview from Tetsuya Nomura. It's explained that after the game launches, the Epilogue video will be made available on Wednesday, January 30th and gamers will have to complete the full game in order to unlock this video.

After unlocking the video and seeing the game's first ending, on Thursday, January 31st, players will be able to unlock the secret video only after they have completed the game and met certain criteria. This includes taking an in-game photograph of the Mickey-shaped “lucky marks.”

So, how many lucky marks will you need to photograph in order to unlock the secret movie? Well, the harder the difficulty the fewer the marks are required.

For Kingdom Hearts' Beginner difficulty setting you will need to photograph the most lucky marks, but on the Normal setting you will only need so many, but Nomura doesn't give a figure, simply saying that the requirement for the Normal mode “isn't that strict, I think.” Well, that's real helpful isn't it?

We do know that for the Proud mode, you can “skip some” and you only need a “few” lucky marks in order to unlock the secret ending.

What do these lucky marks look like in Kingdom Hearts III? Well, they're basically objects positioned in the shape of Mickey Mouse's head – the classic Mickey logo with the three circles, two of which represent his ears and the large circle in the middle representing his head. In one example it's three broken barrels on the beach in the Pirates of the Caribbean section, where we see Sora and Goofy on the beach. While taking the selfie there's a yellow highlight over the three barrels, which are in the shape of Mickey's head. If you snap a photo with the objects in the frame, it will count it as having captured a lucky mark.

It reminds me of the photograph challenges in Marvel's Spider-Man, or some of the miscellaneous challenges in Final Fantasy XV where you could also take photographs in that game as well.

The Kotaku article does note that unlocking the secret movie overall in Kingdom Hearts III will be easier than in previous entries of the series. So, you shouldn't have to go around and about trying to tirelessly figure out what to do and how to do it.

Also, this isn't much of a spoiler given that Nomura doesn't give away any aspect of the game's story, but rather just gives gamers a heads-up on how to unlock the secret movie. It's not like it's the sort of thing that people would just figure out by playing the game. But, he did want to give people that heads-up leading up to the release of the game so they know what to do when the game launches on January 29th for the Xbox One and PS4.

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