Final Fantasy XIV
Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most beautiful MMO's we've ever played, and its player housing matches. Once you master one of your classes and reach the rank of Second Lieutinant in one of the Grand Companies you can purchase a plot of land to make a house of your own.

You can furnish your homestead with tables, lamps, plants, wall mountings, carpets, and change the wallpaper, flooring, and lighting as well. If you're the outdoorsy type you can also plant a private garden to raise a variety of plants you can use for crafting.

Houses also come in different sizes. While you'll probably start off with a cottage, you can eventually upgrade to a house, and even a mansion. You can end up spending a ton of time investing in decorating and enlarging your house and garden, but by the time you're relaxing in your fully decorated and decked out mansion, it's all worth it.

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