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Star Wars Galaxies Lives On In Memory Book

Last week the MMORPG Star Wars Galaxies shut down permanently. Sony Online Entertainment has prepared a parting gift for SWG's players. A virtual scrapbook, or Memory Book, of the game is now available through its official website.

The 253-page book is bursting at the seams with information about the game. It details the timeline, planets, ships, alien species, and more. The size of the file and the abundance of screenshots makes it a hefty 201 MB.

This isn't the first time SOE has gone to these lengths to pay tribute to players. They released a Memory Book for Matrix Online when that MMO shut down in 2009. It's nice to see a developer acknowledging its players, considering the huge amount of time some have invested in these games.

SWG shut down on December 15th. The closure marked the end of an eight-year battle between Imperial and Rebel players. Before the game ended, SOE announced that the Rebel Alliance won.

"The explosions marking the Empire's end could be seen across the galaxy in the skies above the planets, and the celebrations that followed were unmatched," reads the Memory Book's description of the end (via Massively). "Peace reigned as Star Destroyers and dark lords became memories of another era, of a time long past, of galaxies long gone."

"Gone, but not forgotten."

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.