Trends are as big a part of gaming as double-jumps and health potions. They come, they go and, sometimes, they come back again. Here’s a rundown of seven trends in gaming we’d like to see return with a quickness.

In a big-money, high risk business like gaming, it’s easy to see why trends pop up on a regular basis. One game does something that’s hugely successful so, before you know it, it seems like every other studio starts mixing that particular ingredient into their own game’s recipe. But too much of a good thing (or too many games poorly implementing said good thing) leads to a lack of interest on the part of gamers and, eventually, the trend dies.

Sometimes, though, a fad in gaming deserves a second crack at success. Maybe its first run was too short-lived or perhaps enough time has passed that we’re ready to see some old favorites make a return. Here’s a rundown of seven trends we’d like to see move to the forefront once again.

Extreme sports
Extreme Sports
Okay, so, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is a poor example for this particular category, so don’t call foul on extreme sports just yet. Back around the turn of the century, extreme sports games were king and, yes, that included the older Tony Hawk games. But the genre also included pretty much any mode of transportation that could be readily defined as “rad.” Snowboards, bikes, ATVs and jet skis were common focuses for extreme sports games, typically boasting in-your-face gameplay, bright colors and a heck of a lot of fun for the sake of fun. Sometimes you just want to tear down a snow-covered mountain strapped to a piece of polished wood but, sadly, there aren’t a lot of options for such hijinks in this modern age of gaming.

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