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Nothing in particular was all that shocking this week, but it doesn’t mean there weren’t news bits worth talking about by the water cooler. For Bungie nerds and Halo fanboys it was announced this week that Halo Waypoint has become available on Xbox Live and will work as a hub for all things Halo. If you don’t have an account to use Valve’s Steam, you may not be able to purchase Modern Warfare 2 from any other online digital distribution services, and it has a little something to do with Steam monopolizing digital distribution. There’s also rumors flying around about Nintendo’s next console, courtesy of the Rumor Killers from The Game Reviews. These stories and more from the November 7th edition of the Blend Games Weekly Recap.


Star Trek D.A.C Coming To PS3, PC Next Month. Once an arcade title for XBLA, it looks like it’ll be a multiplatform title for all three major platforms now.

Guerrilla Bob Debut Trailer: Enough Action To Make Rambo Jealous. A series of gameplay clips for the upcoming kickbutt arcade title featuring a muscle-bound, moustache wearing soldier.

The Void Debut Launch Trailer Is Cool But Not Safe For Work. An awesome looking game with a whole lot of naked women. Need I say more?

DJ Hero Review. Rich Knight scratches the surface of Activision’s latest interactive music-based game.

Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad Of Gay Tony Review. Pete Haas explains why this might be one of the most ambitious forms of DLC ever.


Stop Stress: A Day Of Fury Coming To WiiWare. When Postal meets Office Space it’s all war against stress in this hilarious new FPS game.

Microsoft Killed Kameo 2. If you were hoping for a sequel to one of the launch titles for the Xbox 360, better luck next time.

Final Fantasy CC Crystal Bearers Dev Doc Is About The Force? What does Final Fantasy and Star Wars have in common? The Force.

Assassin’s Creed II Epic Soundtrack To Be Available On November 16th. Jesper Kyd returns to the gaming music scene with a follow-up soundtrack to the original Assassin’s Creed.

EA Confirms Bad Company 2 Beta Details Coming This Week. The news that sparked up a storm this week is right here.

Return of Alice Teaser Trailer Arrives. American McGee is taking another crack at his now classic action game.

Warren Spector Wants To Make More Deus Ex. Maybe he can whip up something cool after he’s done with Epic Mickey?

Captain America And Thor Games Coming In 2011. It’s a long wait but it’ll be well worth it considering that the last game Captain America had of his own was 15 years ago.

Splinter Cell Conviction Collector’s Edition Announced. Hardcore fans can check out the goodies that will be available in the collector’s edition of Jack Bauers…oops, I mean Sam Fisher’s latest adventure.


Xbox Live Reward Pilot Program Begins. Want to earn free MS points by just doing stuff on XBL? Well, click to the link to find out how.

Free Overlord II Update For iMEvil. Have an iPhone? Well, a free update for the iMEvil soundboard now features Overlord II sound bits.

Braid PS3 Release Date Announced. Once a popular XBLA favorite, Braid will soon become a fan-favorite for the PS3.

Hans Zimmer Says Video games Are Art. Indeed, video games are art. Duh.

Guns Of Icarus Now Available For Steampunk-Airship Fans. If you enjoy a dystopian society ruled by airships that require multiple players to operate aerial transports in realtime while being attacked by air-pirates, then this is the game for you.

Darkest Of Days New Level Editor And Game Updates Released. Feel like creating your own future where bad guys use spears? How about traveling through time roasting civil war soldiers with a flamethrower? It’s all there in the new update.

Fable III Concept Art Released: Bowerstone Imperiled. The economy isn’t just crappy in real life, it seems to have affected in-game cities as well.

Will Infinity Ward Keep Making Call Of Duty Games? If you liked Morden Warfare, you better hope the answer is “yes”.

Top 100 Buy-Worthy Xbox 360 Games. Ryan Rigney puts together an exhaustive list of the top 100 games for the Xbox 360. Definitely worth checking out.


Tekken Review Blend Games’ Rich Knight explains what makes Tekken 6 worth playing and at the same time why it’s not the best in the series.

Tekken 6 Online Updates And Patches. Namco has acknowledged that there are a few issues with the online portions of their latest fighter and patches are on the way.

Mass Effect 50% Off This Weekend. If you need to brush up on your epic-scaled RPG skills, there’s no better time than now to get it done.

Grants Being Issued To Prove That Video Games Can Save Mankind. Obesity and Parkinson’s is at the top of the list of problems that video games are aiming to fix. Click the link to find out how.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 DLC Now Available For PS3 And Xbox 360. Cable, Psylocke and Black Panther are just a few of the new playable heroes in the new update.

Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition Announced. BioWare fans will probably find it hard to resist clicking on the link. Don’t fight it, just let the mouse guide you over the link…it’s all right, it’s a natural thing.

Armored Core 3: Portable Review. This week was filled up with reviews and here’s another one of the recently released AC3 for the PSP.

Dark Void Video Dev Doc Is All About The Characters. From Tesla to the jet-pack wielding Will, this dev doc explains why this game has a lot of character to it.

WiiWare Demo Service On The Way. If you want to try before you buy, this new service will definitely come in handy.


Star Wars The Old Republic Imperial Agent Class Exposed. A brand new class for the upcoming MMORPG by BioWare has been revealed and it’ll probably make spy fans go gaga for more.

Neverland Online Sees 10,000 Registrants; Second Beta Test Coming Soon. The game has only been around for a month and yet 10,000 people already registered. To get in on the action click the link for a few more details.

Modern Warfare 2 Boycotted By Direct2Drive, GamersGate And Impulse. Apparently this all has something to do with the humongous digital distribution service, Steam.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers Review. Andy Keener of Blend Games lays down the critic’s law on this toy-based game.

Mass Effect 2 Enemies Trailer: Collectors; Legion; Reapers. Players will need all the firepower they can get when battling some of these foes.

Dragon Age Patched For PC. Your cries have been heard and your pleas for fixes has arrived. Simply click the link to get the details.

Halo Waypoint Launches; Halo Legends Preview Arrives Saturday. Xbox Live users have probably been waiting forever for this to arrive and now it has…let your nerd-gasms begin.

Atlantica Online Lite Version Released For Not-So-Hardcore Gamers. Instead of downloading a super big client a new “Lite” version has been released so players can start playing while the rest of the client downloads in the background.

Guitar Hero Featured In National Gaming Day Event On November 14th. Libraries across the nation will be hosting gaming events on November 14th, for free. Be sure to check the link for the full details.

Star Trek Online Release Dates Confirmed. Find out when Star Trek Online goes live in your neck of the woods.


Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast Japanese Trials Gameplay Trailer. Raging Blast is one of the coolest looking DBZ of late and a new trailer is worth checking out featuring in-game play.

Dragon Age Origins Toolset Now Available. Whether you enjoy being artistic or exploitive of game content, you can exercise either method with the new DA: Origins toolset.

Dreamcast Game Hypertension Fact Sheet And Trailer Released. Another Dreamcast game is on the way and this time it’s a remake of the PC classic, Blood.

Bittos Trailers Try To Feed Your Brain Some Candy. If you like exercising the muscle in your skull then Bittos might be the perfect way to help get it done in a fun way.

Avatar Ignite The War Trailer. New footage of the game based on James Cameron’s possible masterpiece. Is it worth a look? I think so.

Fragile Dreams Farewell Ruins Of The Moon Announced For Wii. XSeed Games is porting over a popular Japanese title for the Nintendo Wii and that’s not a bad thing at all.

Shattered Horizon Sleek New Silent Running Trailer. Want to know how you employ stealth in a zero-g atmosphere? Check out the awesome new trailer to find out how to get it done.

Zelda Not Worthless In Legend Of Zelda Spirit Tracks. No longer the proverbial “damsel in distress”, Zelda actually gets to do something in this adventure, featuring Link.


Super Street Fighter IV Game Modes Trailer Who loved beating the crap out of a brand new luxury sedan in the original Street Fighter II games? Well, if you answered ‘yes’ then you’ll love beating the crap out of a luxury sedan in Street Fighter IV.

Command And Conquer 4: GDI Orca Gameplay Footage Art. New vehicle unit on display in a brand new trailer for C&C 4.

Early Boyanetta Demo Access Offered To Xbox 360 Owners. There are limited demo keys available so it’s best to click the link and find out how to grab a free demo for yourself.

Rumor Killers: Wii 2 In 2010; New Grand Theft Auto Teased; Batman Arkham Asylum Sequel Lots of juicy rumors coming out of the camp of The Game Reviews.

Assassin’s Creed II Final Dev Doc: Ezio Tries To Kiss An Old Man. Disturbing as it may sound, it could be true.

9 Minutes Of Mass Effect 2 Gameplay. I don’t think there’s any better way to round out the week than with 9 minutes of in-game Mass Effect 2 footage, courtesy of Stick Skills.

That wraps up this week’s edition of the recap here at Blend Games. We part ways this week with a new trailer from the upcoming horror game for the Nintendo Wii, The Calling. It’s one of those games made in the same vein as movies like The Grudge or The Ring. I imagine at some point a movie or game will come out called “The Ring Called Grudge”, where an evil ring makes spooky phone calls from an iPhone to exact revenge on pesky teenagers.

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